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Preciosa Lighting: Bohemian Design Tradition

Bohemian Design Tradition

Whether it’s their centuries of Bohemian history of craftsmen’s and lighting artists’ enthusiasm, expertise, and creative vision, Preciosa Lightging’s unique ideas consistently drive the company to unconventional designs that travel beyond the expected and ordinary.



Crystal Valley is the home of traditional glassmaking art. An incredible 900 square meters of creative energy and craftsmanship breathes life into one-of-a-kind items and installations constructed of the finest glass, cleverly penetrated by light sources.


Preciosa Lighting: Bohemian Design Tradition


The procedure is incredibly complicated and diverse, including a wide range of specializations and multidisciplinary teams of professionals. Every created piece is thus touched by a multitude of expert hands and imprinted with Bohemian heritage, adding authenticity and character to its surface.



Spending time in the manufacturing facilities is like going back in time and remembering the ambiance of old craftsmen centuries ago, crafting glass chandeliers for royalty and wealthy families.



Preciosa Lighting: Bohemian Design Tradition


A few steps farther and you’ll find yourself in a cutting-edge laboratory with cutting-edge technology and ideas that are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with numerous interesting materials.


Preciosa Lighting: Bohemian Design Tradition


For individuals that live and breathe design, a creative environment, resourceful people, and demanding projects foster debate and serve as an unending source of inspiration.

Preciosa Lighting: Bohemian Design Tradition


Preciosa Lighting uses contemporary lighting designs to highlight the legacy of Bohemian crystal. The enterprise is based on centuries of history and the one-of-a-kind art of Crystal Valley master glassmakers. They pay homage to this history and skill by developing cutting-edge lighting solutions that stand the test of time.



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