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An Outer Space Mission By Renata Aquino

Renata Aquino

When we talk about the mission we mean NASA style. Circu partner up with Cozy Studio, and its designer, Renata Aquino, to bring you a kids’ room that is out of this world and is perfect for a little astronaut that is ready to start his/her adventure. Renata is an incredible designer that accepted to do this partnership with us and delivered a spectacular project. Circu continues its mission to bring pieces from out of this world continues and this one is no different. Spoiler alert: In this kids’ room, we had a major help for this one.

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All you need to do is follow us around and see this amazing project that shines brighter than the moon.

‘It saves space and adds ana even modern look to the bedroom.’


When we enter the kids’ room we are immediately drawn to the sleeping area. The wallpaper with the Led lights that form a little astronaut sitting on the moon immediately drawn us. With a color palette that ranges between light grey and pastel shades, the cloud bed is the chosen piece that does deliver the sensation of levity and being lost in space and imagination. The moon rug matches perfectly with the theme of the bedroom as well as the Cloud Bed with an elegant grey velvet headboard.

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It is the ideal piece for the little space adventures who love to look up to the sky every night and count the stars. On the side of the bed, the designer chose the little cloud nightstand that adds just the right amount of storage and does not take a lot of space which leaves space for your little one to walk around and play. This combination makes this kids’ room really magical!




The side of the kids’ room was complemented by a study area where the Puzzled Bookcase takes the center stage. On the right side of the bed, we can find the study area, with the modern Puzzled Bookcase that it’s both a bookshelf and a desk. Just like a puzzle, this magical bookcase will adapt itself to your project design so you can enjoy fullest the space of your kid’s room without comprising the style of your decor.

How ideal is that combination? It saves space and adds an even modern look to the kids’ room. It’s a must-have decor for back-to-school season and to motivate your little one to learn new things and explore his/her biggest passions. How else would your little astronaut learn more about the stars?


And we save the best for last: the play area. What’s a kid’s room without a play area? This room, inspired by the space, had to have our Rocky Rocket armchair because there is no more perfect piece for this theme and for this bedroom. The Rocky Rocket is a kid’s favorite. It has a sound system, storage, and led light incorporated. The best part? You control the whole thing! You can be controlled by a mobile app- or with remote control- and you can create your own “Take off to Space” playlist.

What do you think about this magical kids’ room with NASA style?