One of the best's Russian architect & designer: Dmitry Velikovsky
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One of the best Russian architect & designer: Dmitry Velikovsky

Dmitry Velikovsky has more than 15 years of experience in architecture and design. He was graduated at one of the most famous and well-known universities Moscow Architectural Institute and founded Artistic Design in 1995. Since then Dmitry Velikovsky creates consistently complex, innovative projects of residential and office space. Boris Velikovsky – the Grandfather of Dmitry Velikovsky – was one of the most famous architects in Russia. One of the best's Russian architect & designer: Dmitry Velikovsky

You can find the houses, offices, schools, cinemas and many factories he built all over Russia. Back in the beginning of his career, Boris Velikovsky created series of remarkable buildings in the neoclassical style, as an example you can see the house of Gribov in Moscow (now it is housed by the Belgian Embassy). After the revolution in 1917 in the Soviet constructivism architecture prevailed: modern technology and the development of industrial design created an avant-garde architectural style, devoid of every kind of surface decorations.

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As conceived by the architects such modern buildings should promote the values of the emerging Soviet socialist state. Boris Velikovsky joined the new wave, and his most famous project – the Gostorg building in Moscow – one of the best examples of constructivism, which now you can find in the books encyclopedias of Architecture . The elegant building embodies all the major architectural features of the 20s : flat window surrounds and simple sleek facade, devoid of any decorative elements. Boris Velikovsky also wrote a lot about architecture and urban planning – his articles appeared in different magazines. In the monograph “About Housing Cooperatives” he analyzed the housing problems of Moscow after decades of wars and revolutions, and offered to solve them with the help of cooperation. His innovative approach to urban planning has not lost its relevance today.One of the best's Russian architect & designer: Dmitry Velikovsky

High level specialist in architecture and interior design Dmitry Velikovsky is well-known for his inspired aesthetic vision. His company Artistic Design Ltd. specializes in creating unique residential and office projects. Over 15 years of Artistic Design has gained an international reputation of quality worldwide clientele.

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In Dmitry Velikovsky team 20 people. Under his leadership the architects, interior designers and other talented specialists of Artistic Design create designs of residential buildings, including penthouses, chalets and luxury houses. Artistic Design also provides commercial interior designs of boutique hotels, restaurants, offices and airplanes. The interiors of Artistic Design successfully combine comfort, functionality and style . Our architects and designers work on the most effective and comprehensive design solutions. To maximize your investment Artistic Design also attracted to the work of real estate professionals, art and antiques, furniture and landscaping.One of the best's Russian architect & designer: Dmitry Velikovsky

Dmitry Velikovsky and Artistic Design have high international recognition and respect, the company regularly publishes an annual directory of the international design competition Andrew Martin. Artistic Design has offices in Paris and Moscow, and the company is currently working on projects in France, Italy, Great Britain, Russia and Ukraine.