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Fantastic industrial designs of Cédric Ragot

Interior design is not only about room itself. Equally important are the objects, the furniture, lighting and decoration, thanks to which we can build a desired mood and express our personality. Today we would like to tell you more about one of the best product designers in the world of design – Cédric Ragot.

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The designer graduated from the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Design, l’ENSCI-Les Ateliers in 1999, in 2002 he founded his own design studio.

cedric-ragot-Loop-Roche Bobois
Loop chair for Roche Bobois

Cédric Ragot builds a cross category approach of industrial design, getting involved into a broad scope of application fields: from cosmetics to consumer electronics, from tableware to sports equipment, from furniture to the electrical appliance industry. (Cappellini, Rosenthal, Panasonic, Roche Bobois, Alcatel, Swarovski, Schott, Paco Rabanne, Krups, Lacie, Azzaro, Häagen-Dazs)

He believes that diverse designs are based on one conviction: there is no form out of context; each project must follow a scenario which is written specifically for its use, its design and its materials. He considers that the starting point for any design project is a blank page, a moment consisting both of soul-searching and multiple possibilities. Cédric Ragot sets out to formalize these certitudes, painstakingly providing a justified response in an economic, social and environmental context.

cedric-ragot-Collection-Roche Bobois
Collection for Roche Bobois

As a designer, he considers himself as serving a triangular relationship between his ideals as a designer, the goals of industrial partners who support his initiative and the aspirations of his contemporaries.

A situation which makes it necessary to constantly and proactively foresee the transformations which surround us, shaking up the codes and opening out the boundaries. Whether they are technological, biological or even social, Cedric Ragot considers any design transformation to be a source of creative energy which leads him to mix influences and experiences, and to have a kaleidoscope-type view of the designs for our every day life.

cedric-ragot-Altesse -Qui Est Paul
Altesse for Qui Est Paul?

His creations have won him a string of honors, including a Good Design Award for his Fast vase with Rosenthal in 2007, a Wallpaper* Design Award for his Majordome pedestal tables with Roche Bobois in 2008, and two Reddot Design Awards, for the LaCie Flat Cables in 2009 and the Krups 3Mix 5000 Mixer, an emblematic product for the brand in 2012. In 2014, he received the Best Design FiFi Award for the design of the bottle of perfume Invictus by Paco Rabanne.

In addition, certain of his pieces have been selected by the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain and are on view in Paris, Hanover, Vienna, New York and Milan.

cedric-ragot-Use Project-Emtec
Use Project for Emtec

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