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More of TOP UK Interior Designers

United Kingdom is without a doubt the home of some of the absolutely best and famous interior designers in the world, many of them became internationally recognized icons of the industry, mentors and ultimate taste makers. Take a look at a list 10 best interior designers in UK prepared for us by our friends from Brabbu Design Forces Blog!

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Staffan Tollgard

Brought up in Stockholm, Staffan Tollgard personal style is born out of Asian and Scandinavian functionalism. He uses the Swedish expression of the ‘red thread’ to explain the design narrative that underpins every project.  The thread is the guiding principle of creative endeavour, the core essence that he strives to find in each project.

Staffan’s flair for fusing modern furniture and art into chic, tailored interiors has made him a favourite with design-conscious families.

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