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A Modern Open-Plan Living Space That Will Make You Want to Move

A Modern Open-Plan Living Space That Will Make You Want to Move

Modern Open Space

A Modern Open-Plan Living Spaces are becoming more common as open kitchens become the standard and condo living becomes more popular. The days of Mad Men-style formal living rooms and enclosed kitchens are long gone. However, as much as open-plan living can be a lesson in unity, designing a place that encourages family time can be difficult. This is why Unique Blog has chosen the ideal example of a modern open-plan living space for you to recreate in your own home. Continue scrolling to view every aspect of this spacious, modern, and neutral environment, which is filled with Draga & Aurel’s most recent designs.

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There’s no denying it—“open concept” is a buzz-phrase within the interior design community. And with good reason. In 2015, 70 percent of recent and prospective homebuyers said they preferred a space that was partially or completely open.

Open Space Living Room

The following year, 84 percent of builders said the typical house they built featured an open-concept design. And the trend hasn’t waned in recent years. Sneak a peek at kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms in your area, and you’re likely to see a floor plan that’s at least a little bit open.

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Center table in a lightning living room

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The only issue? Many of us have no idea what the phrase “open concept” actually means. Odds are, we have a vague understanding of what a Modern Open-Plan Living Space looks like.
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Armchair in a dark living room
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Because our natural impulse is to shove furniture against walls, which many interior designers consider a no-no, open-plan living allows us to experiment with different arrangements. While walls used to give us with a sort of paint-by-numbers furniture arrangement, the open-plan room is more analogous to a blank canvas where anything goes.

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To make navigating the world of open floor plans easier, here is the perfect example of a balanced open space that can help inspire your layout.

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dark living room with white sofa

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Draga&Aurel drew inspiration for the new Essential Home and DelightFULL collections from the late 1970s and early 1980s, an era that brought together some of the world’s most dynamic and avant-garde thinkers and producers. Draga&Aurel have produced a blend of patterns, materials, colors, shapes, and textures that communicate the urge to break free from superstructures, process past feelings, and bring back something lovely to look at and consider.


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