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Dining Room Inspirations | Dainty With an Edge

Dining Room Inspirations | Pastel Dining Room

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Dining Room Inspirations is here ! If you’re seeking for ideas for a Summer Home Renovation, go no further since this article will show you how to be fashionable while maintaining a luxurious touch. This pastel dining area is filled with the latest pieces from Draga & Aurel’s Night Fever Collection, a one-of-a-kind design collection created exclusively for DelightFULL and Essential Home. Continue reading to learn how to create this sophisticated and edgy space!

Pastel Dining Room

Dainty but edgy, timeless, liveable, and trendy all at once, pastel dining rooms are the fairest of them all. There’s just something about this romantic quality that exudes a simultaneously inviting and sophisticated energy. And though the colors are decidedly soft, dining room pastel décor can have plenty of variety to suit any style. Whether you want to lighten the mood, introduce new contrast, or just love the design, using shades like blush, rose, mint, sage, and more can upgrade your space.

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dining room with a blue table

Get inspired by this designer idea for pastel-colored dining room that all anchor the space in soft, delicate hues.

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Dark Sconce in a living room

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While many designers choose to stay inside the conventional constraints of what they consider marketable, others have surrealistic convictions that place them outside the mainstream.

Roxy Dining Chair

Roxy Dining Chair

Therefore Draga&Aurel didn’t keep up with trends; they were immune to them while creating these unique design pieces.

Lightning Living Room

The collection pays homage to the nightclubs of the time, which became a symbol of liberation from mainstream culture through free expression, innovation, hedonism, revolt, and emancipation. Under the shimmering lights of the dance floor, it was a meeting of various thoughts and hearts.


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