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Modern furniture designs

We all got tired of the same old furniture. The sofas looked all the same, the chairs were boring to look, the tables were just to put things in it…but finally the furniture design has exploded.

Now we can have an absolutely modern house fill with the trendy and outstanding designs that aren’t just functional.

Best Interior designers will present to you some of the best furniture designs. This post will be about sofas. See some innovative and intelligent designs.

Do Lo Res sofa

This sofa, designed by Ron Arad has apparently a normal design, but as you can see in the image the piece is built only with square-based cube or rectangular-shaped units that are arranged in rows and fixed to a platform by steel pins. Do Lo Res units may be rearranged to form a wide variety of shapes and compositions

Do Lo Res sofa by Ron Arad  Modern furniture designs Do Lo Res sofa by Ron Arad
The Accelerator Sofa by Phillip Grass

The accelerator sofa it’s just a concept but it’s an interesting piece of furniture anyway. It looks fast even though it’s a sofa and isn’t going anywhere. This is a sleek futuristic yet minimalist piece of design.

Accelerator sofa  Modern furniture designs large acceleratorsofaThe Volant Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

This sofa (which is part of the Volant range includes the sofa, armchair, chair, and a stool) is a simple and elegant piece of furniture that would look good in any house

Patricia Urquiola  Modern furniture designs AW Designer of the Year 2012 Patricia Urquiola Volant Moroso

The Skin sofa Sofa by Jean Nouve

To explain this sofa to you i have to quote “ this sofa has a very simple but innovating design. SKIN adopts innovative technical ideas such as the supporting structure in tubular pretensioned steel which holds another structural element, the cover in double-sided leather with its self-modelling geometric incisions.” This detailed explanation means: it’s comfortable and looks good.

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Yang Sofa by François Bauchet

This sofa is like a puzzle. You can play with it and create your dream sofa. It’s a nice design that ables you to get creative.

Yang sofa  Modern furniture designs 7895761d9836e9474cd2946ef87cba20These are some examples of very very good looking pieces of furniture. To find out more keep reading this blog.

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