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Minimalist Living Space In Partnership With Marina Blanco

Minimalist Living Space are here! Marina Blanco created a neutral modern and minimalist living space, in which Essential Home and Caffe Latte pieces fit perfectly well. In this living room design, minimal and contemporary references make the perfect combo with the square shapes of the fireplace, and to balance the ambiance, it was placed in furniture pieces with more organic formats. The light tones base was used to highlight the fire, which is the central part of the project.

We named it Minimalist Living Space since the intention was to create a simple modern ambiance, in which the standout pieces are the Zelda Sofa Long and the Zelda Single Sofa, both designed by Essential Home, along with the Robusta Center Table, from Caffe Latte, which brings nature-inspired shades, and a touch of elegance to the room.


Zelda Sofa


Zelda Sofa is a three-seater piece upholstered in premium materials produced to last a lifetime, keeping the same modern look as the single sofa. Also available in a bigger size, the bespoke Zelda Sofa features a generously rounded outline throughout its entire structure and an oversize backrest with a signature central fold surrounding a soft and organic seat.

Zelda Single Sofa


Zelda Single Sofa truly challenges and redefines the limits of the new modern design perspective.

Robusta Center Table


Robusta Center Table has a soft yet eye-catching presence. With an uneven shape, taking inspiration from the disformity of the sub-Saharian plains where the famous Coffea Robusta is grown. Its two marble tops resemble the hues of brown from the exquisite coffee beans and rest perfectly on a delicate and continuous bronze leg. The perfect piece to provide a simple and neutral complement to a modern interior.

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