A Mid-Century Dining Room With Unique Details

The Zsa Zsa dining chair immediately recalls the world of Burlesque, Zsa Zsa Gabor is the perfect exponent of this world. Fringes, strong color, and sensuality are three concepts that made “Moulin Rouge” one of the most iconic movies in the 50s.

A modern dining table with a capacity for 8 people, Bertoia is a majestic statement piece for any dining room. If the dark marble of this stunning dining table wasn’t enough to make this design fit for your home decor, the golden ring on the middle of the countertop gives it an even more refined touch.

Feel the true luxury’s statement with this modern, yet minimalistic suspension lamp. Galliano Snooker has a shape inspired by a pipe of organ, and it will be the perfect acquisition for your cocktail evenings! It has a geometric design of combined pipe tubes, and when you think you saw it all, turn the lights on!

A perfect furniture piece for retro lovers and mid-century admirers, Monocles sideboard with its solid walnut wood structures and gold plated brass feet make for a luxurious piece for any true mid-century interior. As if taken straight out of a Bond movie, Monocles oozes charm and luxury like no other piece could ever.