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Exclusive Rugs To Inspire You

Exclusive Rugs

RUG SOCIETY presents you exclusive rugs in their brand new 2022 Catalogue. They are well-known for the best hand-crafted and bespoke rugs made by the greatest Portuguese craftsmanship. This brand stands out for its original designs that are inspired by art and culture with the goal of conveying emotions while keeping up with the latest trends.



What makes this brand so unique is its strong connotation to the eclectic style and bold contemporary designs. Check this new catalogue with premium and exclusive rugs operated by talented artisans who share a passion for handmade and bespoke carpets. Let yourself be inspired by these amazing rugs that will turn your home into an incredible art gallery.


Exclusive Rugs To Inspire You

The LOLA RUG is one of the carpets from the geometric collection and is one of RUG SOCIETY bestsellers. This colorful rug with its unique design and bright colors lights up a room and turns it into a cheerful ambient.



Exclusive Rugs To Inspire You

The OSLO RUG combines comfort and nobility which is ideal to create a nice and cozy ambiance in your living room. This is the perfect rug for the winter months that will keep your floors as well as your feet warm from the cold. Made with the best bamboo silk and New Zealand wool, this rug will warm your home and heart.

Exclusive Rugs To Inspire You

This is a dashing modern classic hallway that shines thanks to the SNAKE 8 RUG with its deep color and detailed snake pattern. This rug conveys the importance of ancient cultures and of the snake symbol that was a very significant symbol in the past in mythology.

Exclusive Rugs To Inspire You

The OCLI RUG is for those who are minimalist lovers and think less is more. This luxury contemporary rug has a simple yet elegant design that will decorate your floors beautifully and with grace. This handmade rug is one of those exclusive rugs that you simply fall in love with at first sight.




Exclusive Rugs To Inspire You

The FELINE RUG is one-of-a-kind with its rich texture and elegant design. This rug is a metaphor of the force of the animal that may act in opposition with human action. This modern rug has a minimalist design with a touch of color that will be a wonderful fit for your living room.

This is a lovely living room interior with the fantastic ANTELOPE RUG with a geometric desgin. The name of this rug comes from the animals that are wild and hard to catch and honors their symbology. It is a gorgeous rug that will bring magic to your interior.

Impress your guests with the amazing REPTILUS RUG with a design that resembles the skin of a snake. This rug not only shines for its original design but also for its bright and bold green color that is very eye-catching. This Botanical rug will remind you of nature while being inside.

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The SPIRIT RUG is one of the most dashing exclusive rugs that RUG SOCIETY has with a unique design and bold colors. This rug is meant to reflect the forces of nature combined with the strength of the spirit.

The magnificent BAUHAU RUG will add a pop of color to your interior with its vibrant colors. Inspired by the history of Bauhaus, this rug combines modernity with style and ideology. This high-end rug is full of history and is more than a simple decorative rug.

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The METAMORPHOSIS RUG is ideal for a modern minimalistic hallway. This rug’s name symbolizes transformation, which means it will transform no matter which interior it decorates. This modern rug is 100% hand-tufted with botanical silk and promises to bring nature indoors.

This modern contemporary hallway in neutral tones radiates elegance and comfort. The APOLLO RUG has an exquisite design that will decorate the floors of your home beautifully.