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Meraki Palace In Qatar | Modern Design With An Arabian Touch

Meraki Palace In Qatar | Modern Design With An Arabian Touch

Meraki Palace In Qatar

Meraki Palace in Qatar: Modern Design With An Arabian Touch – LUXXU’s most recent endeavor reimagines modern luxury with an Arabian twist while maintaining its grandeur. The lofty ceilings, arching arches, and elaborate prints reveal the idea behind it, while the furnishings and lighting epitomize modern luxury. The Meraki Palace in Qatar is a showcase of LUXXU’s ability to take on any project, and the LUXXU Blog will take you through it, so let’s get started!


The Palace : An Eclectic Oasis In Saudi Arabia

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Meraki Palace In Qatar Features Wondrous Divisions


Meraki Palace Entryway

An magnificent golden gate guards the entrance to the Palace in Quatar. Arabian influences can be seen in the arched doorways, decorations, and patterned floor. The white walls contrast with the golden highlights, highlighting the richness of the room. The Babel Chandelier was chosen by LUXXU to make a statement because, as a lighting fixture, it combines delicacy with a strong presence thanks to its crystal teardrop glass.

The Nubian Console is an opulent epitome of luxury and exquisite elegance that complements the gold-plated brass wonderfully. To enhance the entryway, two Tenor Ottomans with the nicest upholstery were put. The Brubeck Door Handle by PullCast fits the décor while also guiding the way to the other rooms.


babel chandeliernubian console


Meraki Palace Hallway

This corridor has high ceilings with geometric embellishments, arched windows, and Carrara marble, which is one of the most expensive materials available. The Brubeck Door Handle by PullCast opens the access to the large dining area, which is framed by this lovely stone. While walking there, we see the Pharo II Small Wall Lamp shining brightly on opposite walls, conveying a delicate beauty that transcends.

The Myllo Console was chosen as a remarkable piece with noble materials that exceeds all expectations in any setting, as this residence is magnificent. On the other hand, the Nubian Ottoman contributes to the décor with its flair, which goes perfectly with the Rug’Society Warao Rug.


myllo consolebrubeck door handle


Meraki Palace Dining Room

The dining space combines soothing gray tones with blue hues to produce a sense of grace, with just a hint of luxury offered by the gold accents. Neutral tones are timeless and provide a relaxing ambiance. The Algerone Rectangular Dining Table takes center stage, exhibiting the statuario marble’s power and historic appeal while wonderfully complimenting the Saboteur Dining Chair. The Pharo Chandelier, with its gold-plated brass and crystal glass, creates a regal atmosphere while nicely contrasting with the main color scheme. The Saboteur Single Sofa, in a relaxing blue, looks well next to the arched windows with the Rug’Society’s Warao Rug.

MYSA‘s Suspicion Side Table, sculpted in Carrara marble, contrasts with the Pharo III Table Lamp while complementing the Carrara marble walls. The Pharo II Wall Lamp, on the other hand, highlights the patterned wall and lends a refined look to the space. Finally, the dining room set is only complete when the dramatic Myllo Console is paired with the poetic Scala Mirror. Pull the Brubeck Door Handle from PullCast to exit this opulent dining hall and proceed to the next room!


algerone rectangular dining tablesaboteur dining chair luxxu


Meraki Palace Living Room

The pleasing color mix in this living room emanates tranquillity while preserving a colorful flair. To produce the optimum upholstery solution, the Thomson Sofa mixes timeless characteristics with high-end materials. The Surma Rug from Rug’Society goes well with the sofa pillows, creating total harmony between all of the elements. The Empire I Set Center Table, a modular two-piece round table that pays homage to LUXXU‘s most known collection’s aesthetics, takes center stage in the room. To contrast with the sofa and the Needle Table Lamp, a simple design that never goes out of style, the little table from the Empire III Set Center Table was used as a side table.

For the lighting of this living area, LUXXU picked the Babel II Suspension Lamp, a blend of luxurious crystals and high-quality gold plated brass. The crystals in the Babel Wall Lamp provide a delicate touch to the walls. Not only that, but above the fireplace, a custom Empire Mirror completes the appearance, making the ultimate statement with LUXXU’s most distinctive lines.


babel ii suspensionthomson sofa

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What Do You Think Of This Luxury Haven So Far?


Meraki Palace Master Bedroom

The master bedroom of the Meraki Palace is the pinnacle of comfort while creating a LUXXU ambiance, and it follows the same aesthetic as the other divisions. The Charla Bed makes an incredible statement with classic components and the comfort that only the Charla Collection can provide – and the pillows are a wonderful compliment to the Charla Ottoman. The Charla Nightstand stands out thanks to its timeless lines, and it’s simple to see why it’s part of the same collection!

The Pharo Collection was chosen for the lighting choice because it signifies a break from darkness and complements the gold accents on the screen wall divider, resulting in an astonishing, brilliant, and stunning brilliance. The Pharo II Suspension illuminates the bed, while the Pharo III Small Wall Lamp dresses up the walls. Of course, the Pharo III Table Lamp is great for bedside lighting. The Beyond Console is made of the finest materials and mixes in perfectly with the surroundings.


charla nightstand


Meraki Palace Twin Bedroom

The Meraki Palace is focused about family and providing the most comfortable environment imaginable. This is exemplified by the twins’ bedroom, which offers twice the comfort and style! The Charla Single Bed has the same comfort and boundless elegance as its predecessor, and the Empire Collection‘s premium materials nightstand complements it beautifully. The Pharo Small Pendant and Pharo Small Wall Lamp bring a pop of color to the space, which contrasts wonderfully with the bedroom’s tranquil color scheme, which is highlighted by the Surma Rug from Rug’Society.


pharo small pendant


Meraki Palace Indoor Pool

The indoor pool area of the Meraki Palace is its crowning jewel, and it’s the ideal spot to immerse yourself in the ultimate lifestyle. MYSA Outdoor was chosen to resurrect the art of lounging. The Hampton Wood Armchair provides the essential comfort for reclining by the pool, and it complements the Suspicion Side Table, which is sculpted in Carrara marble and lined with polished stainless steel, making it long-lasting and ideal for this location.

The area, however, would be completed without sun loungers, and the Hampton Sunlounger appears to be designed expressly for this environment. The Beyond Console, which gracefully mixes marble and gold as it matches the Orbis Mirror and the Pharo III Tiny Wall Lamp, is featured in this luxurious location, which follows the same gold theme as the rest of the castle.


hampton wood sunloungersuspicion side table


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