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Draga and Aurel – New Collection

Draga and Aurel Are Rolling Out The Night Fever Collection Just in Time of a Summer Renovation!

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Draga and Aurel – New Collection

As the queen and king of Avant-Garde, Draga and Aurel are constantly designing their ways into our hearts. Their signature style graces homes everywhere, as decorators try to achieve their innovative, experimental look with pieces from their collections. Now, get ready to add even more Draga & Aurel pieces to your cart— they are debuting their new design collection in collaboration with Essential Home and DelightFULL, titled “Night Fever”

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The collection is everything you’d dream it be: Night Fever is like a disco, but without the music. Take a clooser look on the images bellow.

Lightning Room With Green Tones

While many designers choose to stay inside the conventional constraints of what they consider marketable, others have surrealistic convictions that place them outside the mainstream. As a result, Draga & Aurel did not follow trends; instead, they were resistant to them while producing these one-of-a-kind design pieces.

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Lightnig ArmChair

The epidemic taught us to look at our home in a new light. Without traveling to a disco party, the Night Fever collection will show us how to create a colorful and eclectic environment!

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Lightning House With Blue Tones

Draga and Aurel drew inspiration for the new Essential Home and DelightFULL collections from the late Seventies and early Eighties, an era that brought together some of the world’s most dynamic and avant-garde thinkers and producers. Draga & Aurel have produced a blend of patterns, materials, colors, shapes, and textures that communicate the urge to break free from superstructures, process past feelings, and bring back something lovely to look at and consider.

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The collection gives special attention to the nightclubs of the time, which became symbols of freedom of expression, creativity, hedonism, revolt, and liberation from conventional society. Under the shimmering lights of the dance floor, it was a meeting of various thoughts and hearts.

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Beige Sofa With a Rug




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