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Mattia Bonetti

Mattia Bonetti


Mattia Bonetti (1953) is the undefined designer, who was born in Switzerland but live and work in Paris.



This peculiar artist have a lot of works which can be blobby and futuristic; others, blingy and kind of crass, but not unpleasantly so. “Neo-Baroque” or “Neo-Barbaric” are some of the names that they call about his work.



Bonetti is the bridge between the best that marked the end of the twentieth and the fresh design of twenty-first century.

What differs this artist from others is the use of the scale, the pieces are monumental and demand necessarily your attention. They are also made of high-end materials: bronze, cast aluminum or gold and silver plate.



Important names like Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis as part of his list of collectors.

He has well-known works like “Quasimodo”, “Necklace”, “Frequency”, “Garden” We chose the “Garden” as one of the most extraordinary pieces of this artist.




“Garden” is a table lamp which recreates the sensitivity and at the same time, respect that nature gives us. Through careful bronze working, he creates a piece of art that gives a dramatic and enigmatic charge in any environment.



Bonetti is undefined but the artist that defines each space so convinced that his piece is placed.