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The Craftsmanship Values of Markus Benesch


MARKUS BENESCH s a self-taught designer, inventor and artist that is known for creating amazing architecture, products and surfaces. The focus of his creation are aesthetic and scientific research that connect spaces and objects with people. He puts innovation and fun in his works!


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With 25 years of experience, Benesh continues to push ourselves toward new questions and solutions in design. Till this day, Benesh and his Powerful Team continue to invent and develop materials, patterns, products and interiors to offer new solutions to his clients that include some of the most prolific trendsetters of the globe.


Credits Markus Benesch


He opened his practice in Munich, Germany, in 1989 and added a temporary office in Milan in 2001. It’s from these two Amazing Studios that  Benesh has been producing some of his most amazing work.



Credits Markus Benesch

Credits Markus Benesch
The creation of immersive experiences, including the physical space (walls, ceiling and floor) as well as the objects and clothing of the participants has become our studio’s unique identity. We are happy to share our newest work with you and to showcase the evolution of our studio. With each project, our experience, knowledge and curiosity grow. – Markus Benesch Website

Credits Markus Benesch
Benesch is known as a curious artist and specialist in designing, developing and realizing furniture, lighting and a diverse range of products.  His use of bright colors is very well known, he loves to play with it. The use of vibrant colours and spectacular views sketches passionate outlooks into a positive and happy future.
Credits Markus Benesch
Credits Markus Benesch

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