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Maison Et Objet 2023 | We Bring The Best Of To You

Maison Et Objet 2023 now here! For 27 years, SAFI, a division of Ateliers d’Art de France and RX France, has been interacting with and connecting the global design, home décor, and lifestyle communities through Maison&Objet. Its unique ability to generate connections and accelerate business, both during tradeshows and via its digital platform, but also its unique talent to highlight trends that will make the heart of the home decor planet beat. Maison&Objet’s mission is to reveal talent, spark connections and provide inspiration, both on- and off-line, thereby helping businesses grow.

Maison Et Objet 2023 | We Bring The Best Of To You

Stamuli [Hall 7 – E77]

Stockholm-based Stamuli is a design and architecture firm. Emanuele Stamuli founded the studio, which has its roots in retail and fashion but also works on projects in residential and product design. They are big fans of reason, and they make it a point to conceptualize ornamentation in all of their work. The use of color is frequently crucial to their design. They approach design with a construction-oriented attitude and like managing projects. They specialize in textures and materials. Their enthusiasm supports innovation and skill.

Davidemedri [Hall 7 – A160]

Davide Medri is a talented designer with a strong sense of the arts; his designs are one-of-a-kind and have a wide range of stylistic influences. His background in the interior design industry has helped him develop unique pieces that have a strong personality throughout time. He has a talent for manipulating light, shapes, and linearity. In fact, every element he designs and creates contains the magic of light, which interacts with and reflects emotions.

Hall.Haus [Hall 7 – A61]

Hall.haus is an organization of four designers founded in early 2020 by Abdoulaye Niang, Sammy Bernoussi, Teddy Sanches and Zakari Boukhari. They advocate a creative approach resulting from a journey between their environment (hall) and design (haus). Abdoulaye, Sammy and Teddy are graduates of the ENSCI in industrial design and Zakari is studying energy process engineering at the Arts et Métiers school. Their fields of action in design are: object, experience and transmission. This organization’s mission is to imagine the world of tomorrow using its multicultural heritage from design, the street (in the broad sense) and its origins, to act in favor of ecological transition, to make design more accessible , especially to young people.

Ibride France

[Hall 7 – E53]

Ibride is a French design house offering singular furniture and objects. To embrace the ibride universe is to widen the field of possibilities within your interior and cultivate difference as a vector of freedom. Ibride assembles all the skills required to meet a demand for uniqueness and customized design. Ibride’s prolific creativity is sensitive to the needs of its customers, adapts to the environment, but most importantly elevates shared ideas and provides context. Ibride can concentrate on strength and endurance in its creations, especially when they are meant for public spaces, thanks to the study of materials and the excellence of its manufacturing process.

Seletti [Hall 7 – E53]

Seletti in Cicognara, Mantova, has adhered to its founding principles of professionalism in service, ongoing research to seek for betterment, and creativity ever since it opened its doors in 1964. The company’s primary goals are design initiatives and the superiority of Italian creativity. The collections that combine art with symbols of everyday life communicate a message of form and function and provide their clients a glimpse of a distinctive, individual, and enjoyable lifestyle. Seletti’s current focus is on new projects, continuing his exploration of the concept of beauty.



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