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Luxury Bathroom Decor Ideas | Quartz Crystal Bathtub!

Luxury Bathroom Decor Ideas are here ! A luxury bathroom decor needs some stunning bathroom furniture designs and accessories made with the finest high-quality materials to give that luxurious feel to the design project. The new stunning bathtub design by Baldi Home Jewels is the real representation of luxury decor. Presented in Salone Del Mobile Milano, the incredible rose quartz crystal bathtub is one of the most popular bathroom vanities on social media!

Luxury Bathroom Decor Ideas

Boldi Home Jewels is an Italian-based luxury design brand from Florance that is dedicated to creating unique luxurious collections and timeless pieces that represent the quintessence of Italian style and centuries-old Florentine craftsmanship.




Diamond Freestanding, by Maison Valentina, turns heads wherever it stands. It features a wooden structure finished in a high gloss black varnish, a color that contrasts perfectly with the interior, covered in gold leaf. Besides its irregular shape, it has a built-in oval sink glass with a translucent black finish.

During Salone Del Mobile Milano, they presented the ultimate bathtub design that is handcrafted from a unique block of rose quartz crystal. This stunning masterpiece, like most of the luxury brand’s collections, is a tribute to their unrivaled passion for precious materials, traditional artistry, and attention to detail, three of the main concepts that the luxury design world adores!




Diamond Bathtub, by Maison Valentina, is designed in fiberglass with a luxurious black high-gloss finishing. The diamond-shaped sculptural body is based on its name, making it an exquisite item in any modern bathroom. This bathtub also presents a golden rim, a small detail that stands out.

The material for this gorgeous and expansive bathtub design came from Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. “Each tub’s exterior is rough so as not to hide the natural beauty of the crystal, while the inside is smooth”, explained Baldi‘s creative director, Luca Bajola to the Forbes magazine.

This incredible bathtub design is the perfect masterpiece for luxury bathroom decor and fits the brand’s famous standards. In case you don’t know, their incredible bathroom collections are world-famous for their use of such semiprecious stones as malachite, amethyst and rock crystal together with precious metals such as gold and silver.



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