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Luxurious Table Lamps | Make Your Interiors Timeless

Luxurious Table Lamps | Make Your Interiors Timeless

Luxurious Table Lamps To Make Your Interiors Timeless – A table lamp has the power to change the atmosphere of an environment. It helps create a powerful sense of identity and can transform your interior into a seamless combination of functionality and style. We are here to help, so we would like to present a selection of our new Table Lamps to make your home even more cozy and stylish. Stay tuned!

Magna I

magna table lamp


Magna I is the result of a fascination for raw materials, semi-precious stones, and natural textures, hence its sculptural scheme with a fiery character. This exclusive table lamp features an ambiguously geometric frame in brass and a center made of crystal white that is almost reminiscent of lava flows but with a more crystalized nature. The Magna I table lamp is bound to add immense beauty to any style of interior.

magna luxury

Liberty Small



The Liberty Small table lamp is part of the Liberty Family by Luxxu, this piece was designed to compose rooms with boundless elegance and charm. Will be amazing on nightstands, in pairs or just one. Made with Brass & Crystal Glass, the room with this piece will never more look the same.

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Marble Small



One of nature’s most beautiful matter is without a doubt marble. The Marble Table Lamp Small in this sense is an ode to one of the most beautiful materials on earth.





The Shard Table Lamp is inspired by the Shard London Bridge building. Its exceptional beauty and remarkable lines are made with fine materials such as brass, marble, and crystal glass. This piece will enlighten any project as a piece of art.

The Shard Table Lamp

Marble Big

marble big


One of nature’s most beautiful matter is without a doubt marble. The stunning Marble Table Lamp Big is an ode to one of the most beautiful materials on earth and it perfectly complements any space.

Marble Table Lamp Big amb 1

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Pharo III


The materialization of pure delicacy, Pharo III Table Lamp comes with a discreet and delicate shape, perfect to illuminate and compose the visual of a bedroom or a living room. This piece is made of Brass & Crystal Glass with a marble base, a composition that brings together a golden and elegant touch.

pharo amb 1


mirage table lamp


The mid-century Mirage table lamp is a modern lighting fixture that embodies the glamorous modern principles of minimalism. Handmade in brass with an opaque black lacquer, this luxurious lighting design captures the retro-futuristic vision of Space Age design that Draga & Aurel wanted to transmit with the lighting family. It can easily serve as a statement piece for your living room, office bedroom, and even entryway.




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