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Get to Know the Work of Landau+kindelbacher

From modern architecture projects, general planning and heritage protection, to bespoke interior design creations, consulting and styling, Landau+kindelbacher does it al, and that’s why they are one of the most impressive, prolific and powerful design studios of Germany!

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For the past years, this amazing architecture and design studio have won multiple design awards thanks to their high-quality services. And Landau+kindelbacher has a long story in the design industry after all this studio was founded in 1994 by Gerhard Landau and Ludwig Kindelbacher and successfully turned into a private limited company in 2009. 


Get to Know the Work of Landau+kindelbacher


With a strong and highly professional multidisciplinary team, Landau+kindelbacher have been implementing ambitious building and interior design projects and producing stunning interiors that range from a more mid-century approach to a more contemporary look! For Landau+kindelbacher leaders and their team, “every project lives from personal style to which we give quality of form so that it results in a sensual overall experience. For what makes architecture unique is the sum of many small, carefully planned details. We create living environments that equally satisfy the customer’s personality and our high standards of quality.”

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Get to Know the Work of Landau+kindelbacher

When we observe this studio projects we are immediately drawn to their premium quality! This is achieved on the one hand by pioneering architecture, and on the other by the appreciation of beauty and tradition. In the course of time,  Landau+kindelbacher have developed a sense of quality that is based on sustainable, durable materials and efficient technologies. 


Get to Know the Work of Landau+kindelbacher


Landau+kindelbacher main strength lies in viewing architecture and interior design holistically and in planning across all disciplines. Both subject areas must be complementary in design, technique and quality, even if the planning task applies to one side only. As they state in their ambitious design mission: “our competence lies in the dialogue between the two disciplines that leads to a charismatic overall result.”


Get to Know the Work of Landau+kindelbacher


For this studio, timelessness, innovation and the ideal setting are the foreground of any of their projects! And by creating stunning projects they promote in their clients an impressive and surprising spatial impact that is masterfully accentuated by the use of light, craftsmanship and an overall design set filled with creativity. For this studio, “interior design is more than just furnishings (…) is the presentation and arrangement of space as a well thought out choreography of material usage, surface qualities and perfection of implementation – irrespective of styles and current fashion trends.” What we can take from this approach and design mission is that Landau+kindelbacher focus is not on individual details but rather on masterly handling and the unexpected combination of materials and surfaces. With amazing projects in Germany but also all over the world, Landau+kindelbacher is definitely a name to watch regardless of the style you are looking for or the approach you want to input in your project!





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