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Kelly Hoppen: Exclusive Interview

Kelly Hoppen | Exclusive Interview – She is a multi-award-winning designer, her ever-evolving style is defined by a subtle mix of clean lines and neutral tones balanced with luxurious warmth.  The designer has founded Kelly Hoppen Interiors over 43 years ago and count on thousands of successful projects. Kelly Hoppen and her team are proud of creating multi-faceted couture interiors, guiding every detail of each project. Their portfolio has a miscellaneous of projects that go from commercial properties, private homes, turnkey properties, five stars hotels to superyachts and private jets. Impressive, right? Stay tuned!


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Kelly Hoppen








Kelly Hoppen’s passion is to design. She truly loves going into the studio, putting the music on and designing. She loves the challenge of creating something new for her clients and getting into their heads to create the feeling they want to achieve, which for her, is an amazing feeling. Every career has its ups and downs and for CovetED is important to understand what was the most challenging time of Kelly’s. Curiously, the designer told us that challenges always spur her on in a positive way, meaning that as an entrepreneur, she faced many challenges over the years that she considers have led to her personal growth and strength. “I have to say, these past 2 years with the pandemic have been a real challenge for us all especially as it was something we hadn’t faced before. As a business owner, I wasn’t only responsible for my safety but also my team’s health and safety and dealing with the challenges of how we managed our job of designing and installing in the safest way possible. I’m so proud of how we came together and managed everything together and as a business, we’ve never been busier and bigger than we are now.” – she explained.




“I’m so happy with everything I’ve achieved – beyond grateful but as my favourite motto says ‘nothing is too big and nothing is big enough so I’m always pushing myself and love new challenges. I would love to do more hotels in cities I know we have so much to give the industry.” – said Kelly about her achievements in life. Although she is very happy about her accomplishments and her life in general, there is still some dreams she is lingering on to. She really wants to design a city hotel as she has already worked on resorts by the beach and she knows she will do an amazing job creating a chic urban sanctuary. As said, Kelly loves getting the music on and dive into design, shutting out the world. It is her personal sanctuary. Additionally, she stated that nothing beats the feeling of delivering a job to a client and their satisfaction and experiencing their reaction. And this is definitely one of the best things about her job.






Kelly has always been passionate about sharing her knowledge with as many people as possible. She applied this thinking early on in her career and this is why she wrote so many books which have been so successful. On Instagram, she speaks from the heart and she loves to share motivational videos to help lift people, especially over these two challenging years. She received so many messages from people all over the world who were feeling down and lost and she wanted to do something about it. Sharing videos of her own experiences and feelings have become a regular part of my week and she gets so many messages of gratitude. For her,  it is wonderful to be able to connect with so many people.




At the moment, Kelly just announced her appointment by Ocean Residences as one of their signature residence interior designers for their new 289m Njord Superyacht. She has created two incredible designs: a Penthouse and an Apartment design. It is all very couture and designed to the highest specifications. She had also launched a new collaboration with House of Wang in China,  one of the most prestigious interior distributors in Asia. They will stock her exclusive wallpaper collection with Degournay and her rug collaboration with Loloey. Kelly wrote her 10th book, “Kelly Hoppen’s  Essential Style Solutions” that has was released this year on Amazon.  It focuses on how to get the luxe look for less. She wrote this book in lockdown when our home became the centre of our universe. Last but not least she also has some wonderful private client projects in England, in the rest of Europe and Australia.




Colour took over the trends last year. And Kelly Hoppen thinks the next move will be a move to more muted earthy tones where we’ll see a resurgence in the popularity of beige and taupes.  Her signature palette has always been this as she just loves the way it is either warm nor cool and is the perfect backdrop to pair with any design. For the designer, the most important thing is how the person actually wants to live. “Having spent the last year yearning for the outdoors, I think many people will be applying a more nature-inspired look to their interiors. Whether it’s the mixing of exposed wood, organic forms with light tones and sleek lines or incorporating more natural tones and textures into the home, there is plenty to play with.” – said Kelly. Her interior business is unbelievably busier than it’s ever been in 45 years. She and her team have all sorts of upcoming projects spanning the UK, Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA. She also has several new products ranges she will be launching early next year including furniture, accessories and more.




Kelly has a wide range of clients, many of which she has worked with for many years but the current projects range from private homes and residential developments to hotels, superyachts and private jets. Her relationship with her clients is all about trust, they search for her style and trust that she will deliver a stylish and functional design scheme with layers of details. Her East Meets West look has changed and it isn’t what it used to be,  it can be anything from Zen to a mix of neoclassical with the Kelly Hoppen look and everything is so unique. It is also important for many of her clients to find the best ways to be sustainable with materials and ensure some spaces have versatile and multiple functions. This is both on commercial projects such as cruise ships, hotels and development buildings as well as private homes. “The key is to always listen to what my clients need and want and use my design passion and expertise to create the best interior experience possible.” – explained Kelly.



“Designing in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way is one of the most important responsibilities that interior designers have right now. Avoiding unnecessary waste is something that I and my team are constantly considering and working to achieve in all of our projects.”

– Kelly Hoppen



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