Luxurious Bathroom Chandelier
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Be Inspired By These Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom Designs

The comfort and luxury you look for in other home divisions, transported into the bathroom through design. You can choose to fill your bathroom with light tones, darker tones, or even with unique colors such as gold or maybe even pink! Take a deep dive and find out what are the best and most unique bathroom decor looks for your home.



Bathroom Decor is always evolving and if you want to keep up with the latest trends, Best Interior Designers has some inspiration for you.

Luxurious Bathroom ChandelierA luxurious bathroom should have irreverent lighting pieces. Astonishing, beautifully constructed and boasting a fantastic sense of luxury, this bathroom design idea is one of the most brilliant projects ever idealized. The luxurious Chandelier and the polished marble Diamond Bathtub make the perfect combination, making your bathroom a luxurious and sophisticated space.

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In the world of contemporary interior design, Jordan Carlyle epitomizes modern elegance at its finest. Founded in 2007, Carlyle Designs is a firm that specializes in international residential and commercial spaces.

MinimalisticBlack And White BathroomIf you’re a fan of the minimalist style, choose a simple decor and combine it with luxurious accessories. Enhance your bathroom decor with the sleek and contemporary design of the Diamond Towel Rack, produced with attractive high-end finishes. No boundaries allowed, of course. As usual!

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Oasis Like Bathroom With Wall LampThis biophilic design wonder is an amazement to the eyes, a sight of wonderful and unique luxurious genius that will allow for incredible rest! The Darian bathtub and the Waterfall XL Pendant complete this amazing design that’s ready to provide you with a relaxing time in a bathroom that looks like a private oasis.

Amie Weitzman Bathroom DesignAmie Weitzman has been working in the interior design industry for the past 20 years. Once a fashion and textile designer for Ralph Lauren and Joseph Abboud, Weitzman transfers her love of clean lines and chic classicism from the runway to the home. Each room in someone’s house should be modern, crisply-edited, and comfortable” Amie Weitzman says.



beautifull-door-pullA beautiful bathroom is not all about the interior decor but also the doorknobs that add a luxurious touch with gold brass accents. How impressed would you be when you dazzled this fantastic master bathroom? Shaped like a Philippine Canoe, Kano Mid Door Pull portrays balance and structure just like the candle-nut tree that was used to make canoes float above water.

All White Bathroom With Gold DetailsAn all-white bathroom design conveys a feeling of tranquility and harmony throughout the entire space. By adding the perfect pendant lamp and some gold handles, you can create the perfect Luxury Bathroom Design. These particular gold star-shaped handles are absolutely stunning.

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Luxurious Golden BathroomThis bathroom is the perfect example of what a luxury design should look like. The Eden vessel sink is inspired by the shape of a tree stump. This amazing organically shaped sink is made of casted aluminum and presents a special rough-textured surface, reminding of growth rings. We can’t even pick our favorite detail!

White And Gold BathtubA bathroom overlooking New York City can only ask for luxury pieces. This carved marble bathtub, along with the padded stool, makes the perfect combination, so you feel in a luxurious setting while enjoying the view. With a beautiful view, this striking master bathroom is definitely the place to be at sunset hour!

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Black And Gold Bathroom DesignIn bathrooms, it is essential that we have a space to take care of our beauty. In this project we have a marble table, to put your makeup or decoration, accompanied by the padded stool so that it has its unique and elegant beauty space! Black and gold is the definition of elegance and never goes out of fashion.

Grey Marble Bathroom By Joyce WangA three-story penthouse with views overlooking the lake and city skyline. It is the home of a family who entertains frequently, so it was necessary for Joyce Wang to create public areas that feel special, providing a generous but intimate backdrop for parties and dinners. By contrast, the more private areas are like a retreat for the family.

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