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JOI Design: Shaping Atmosphere!

JOI-Design was founded in Hamburg in 1984 by Peter Joehnk, who, alongside Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, has cultivated the practice into one of Europe’s most respected leaders in hospitality design. Twenty-five years experience has led to a firm belief that design is the hotelier’s best marketing tool. This principle manifests itself in a genuine interest in the art, architecture and social inheritance of the location, which is ingeniously woven into the internal character of each project. JOI-Design’s portfolio reflects a wide diversity of projects encompassing sophisticated modern hotels, grand historic establishments, vibrant restaurants, sumptuous spas, and new-build airport and business hotels.

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Since 1984, JOI-Design has specialised wholeheartedly in hospitality design. In projects involving interior designers, architects, fashion designers, engineers and artists, the team creates fantastic hotels, unique restaurants and dreamy spas. As one of the leading European offices, JOI-Design designs and builds hotels worldwide without forgetting their German roots. The Hamburg Design Studio is more than willing to take on small-scale hotel projects and restaurants in German-speaking countries.

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JOI-Design’s vision is to translate emotions into designs and designs into creative atmosphere. The kind of atmosphere that the guests always seek, love and never leave! JOI-Design has its feet planted firmly on the ground and its head in the clouds whilst reaching for the stars. The studio combines imagination with practicality, authentic European style with contemporary elegance, and experience with innovation in the firm belief that a hotel’s design is its best advertisement. Read on over the next few pages to discover the five values that compose the DNA of our projects.

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JOI-Design’s motivation is derived from constant developments and improvements inside the company, from the desire to work on individual, tailor-made solutions with experts in material, colour, light, design and architecture. At the same time though, JOI-Design incorporates developments taking place outside the company. JOI-Design focuses on the constantly changing needs of our society and analyses the latest developments in travel, catering, tourism and technology so that they can offer the best solution for each and every project. Functionality is the best basis for work and is the result of experience. Atmosphere is the playing field used by our creative staff, who repeatedly find surprising solutions.

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