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The Company

BUZ Design was founded in Hong Kong in 2001. Our mission is to provide a high level of service and creativity on hospitality projects around the world. We are noted for creating luxurious interiors with original, artistic concepts specifically focused to each client’s requirements and meticulous attention to details. The multinational staff at BUZ are committed and visionary designers with strong interdisciplinary skills and all strive to achieve a unique solution for each project.

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Our focus is exclusively on the design of luxurious hospitality projects which include hotels, restaurants, spas, clubhouses and high-end residential properties.

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The clientele list of BUZ Design includes many of the top international five-star hotel operators such as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Ritz-Carlton, Starwood, Wynn Resorts, MGM Grand, and Shangri-La. Developing long term client relationships is very important to us and repeat projects with many of our clients indicate their appreciation of our exclusive niche in hospitality design and our creative services provided.

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Interior Design Services provided by the BUZ Design teams include both interior architecture and the overall finishes and furnishing of the spaces.

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The Designer: J Lee Rofkind

Creativity and timelessness are key to Rofkind’s personal design style. With over 22 years of experience in the hospitality industry; working from many sides of the design table; She understand those elements with a sense of luxury are the most important attributes for any hospitality design project.

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Prior to forming BUZ; Rofkind led the design for several wonderful hotels; including the St. Regis in Shanghai, the Ritz-Carlton in Beijing and the Trident in Mumbai while being the Managing Director of HBA Hong Kong. The importance of guest satisfaction and ease of operations are part of the BUZ design criteria learned while she was the Design Director for Hyatt International. Working as an architect with WATG in Honolulu, taught her the basics of hotel design. The company created several properties in Asia that are still very successful resorts today.  Best Interior Designer* Buz Design 97bfd03f64b07442dc763ccb0bd9f044962130d1


Travelling around the world gives me a broad pallet of experiences to draw upon for new concepts. Living and working in Asia; I am inspired by the fantastic ethos of high energy, hard work and a get it done spirit. This spirit is the characteristic of BUZ Design: used to solve the most complex hospitality projects with unique and timeless solutions.

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