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ItalDesign Contract: Passion And Professionalism

ItalDesign Contract

Italdesign is a premier firm capable of inspiring, integrating, developing, and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions in mobility and numerous industrial domains in today’s globalized market. This is your one-stop company for everything, from styling to engineering, prototyping to testing and validation.



Italdesign can offer an organic and integrated collection of processes, techniques, and tools aimed at the industrialization of new goods and vehicles, as well as services at every stage of the process, from the initial idea to serial manufacturing, including the turnkey process.

ItalDesign Contract: Passion And Professionalism



From consulting to creativity, engineering to the production of pre-series prototypes and street-legal ultra-limited series, project management to testing and validation activities, stretching to homologation, legal responsibility for product release, assistance during the start of series production of the finished product, not to mention the mission of being an incubator and acceleration platform for innovative technologies and radical prototyping: Italdesign.



ItalDesign Contract: Passion And Professionalism


Italdesign offers aesthetic solutions for interiors, aiming to be original and inventive by providing a 360° sensory experience.



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The company’s ideals and high-quality standards may be necessary to produce a one-of-a-kind product manufactured by professional artisans in a time-honored way out of aluminum or steel.

ItalDesign Contract: Passion And Professionalism


There isn’t enough time or money to create ad hoc assembly equipment for a one-of-a-kind car. This is where the human touch comes into play.





Expert panel beaters use hammers and dollies to shape sheet metal into intricate forms before finishing with files. It is a unique and valuable handcraft skill.


ItalDesign Contract: Passion And Professionalism


The concept development department is in charge of product definition and creation. It facilitates the convergence of the customer’s demands with the optimal technological solution to meet the product’s ergonomics, safety, and user experience.



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