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Exclusive Interview With Alix Lawson

Alix Lawson

Alix Lawson represents contemporary minimalism, a blend of Scandinavian, Australian, and Japanese design styles striving to bring tranquility and intelligent design into homes. A firm believer that simplicity is the new luxury, her new studio brings together lifestyle and interiors. More than just a design firm Alix wants to change the way we view interiors and incorporate them into our lives. CovetED had the chance of interviewing this amazing, and we are here to let you know all about it!

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I feel privileged that I am able to change how someone lives, thinks and feels by designing their surroundings.

Alix Lawson was raised in Australia. She used to spend her days at the beach looking out of the ocean and according to her, the vast skies have heavily influenced her design approach.

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I have always had a slight nomadic spirit, and travelling is my favourite hobby – so wanderlust also features heavily in my sources of inspiration. 

When asked about the trends at the moment in the design world, Alix Lawson believes that we are moving towards simplicity where luxury design is morphing into a more wabi-sabi approach.

If you love Alix Lawson‘s work, then you need to see what this amazing interior designer has been preparing in the last months. She has an exciting furniture collection which will be launched next year with a well-known furniture company. Stay tuned!

Her next step is to create a lifestyle brand where you will be able to see her first collection of fabrics reflecting the design studio aesthetics. Alix Lawson‘s goal is to leave her minimalist touch on as many homes as possible.



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