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Inspirational Architects: 1100 Architect

1100 Architect is an architectural firm based in New York City and Frankfurt founded by principals David Piscuskas and Juergen Riehm. It provides architectural design, programming, space analysis, interior design, and master planning services to both public and private clients, and its work includes educational and arts institutions, libraries, offices, residences, retail environments, and civic facilities. The company was founded in 1983 as a SoHo-based start-up design studio of three architecture school graduates. Its design philosophy focuses on sustainability, stating that, “1100 Architect” views good design and environmental sustainability as interconnected elements of a thoughtful, responsible project. As of 2014, the firm has 40 employees including 21 architects.

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The company’s domestic and international projects include institutional, residential, and commercial works. Award-winning projects include the design for The Children’s Library Discovery Center in New York City and a residential house in Palm Beach, Florida. In 2013, the company’s design for a house in Palm Beach, Florida received the Elizabeth L. and John H. Schuler Award which annually recognizes design “in keeping with the traditional character of Palm Beach architecture.

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Inspirational Architects 1100 Architect1

1100’s House in Florida is one of ten projects featured in a new exhibit organized by the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach. On display through February 27th, “Contemporary Modern Architecture in Palm Beach” focuses on projects which have been presented to the Architectural Commission over the last five years and highlights the growing prominence of modern architecture in the area. Previously, House in Florida was honored with the Preservation Foundation’s 2013 Schuler Award for excellence in new architecture.

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Situated on the eastern shore of Long Island, the design of this beach house is conceived as emerging from the landscape. The house is composed of two elements – the main house and a pavilion – that are situated on a base that extends into the landscape. From the driveway entrance on the northern side, the house appears as a largely solid, stone-clad volume with rectangular perforations for the windows. In contrast, the more private southern façade is composed almost entirely of glass to maximize ocean views and sun exposure. What initially presents itself as a classic modern box unfolds to become an unexpectedly open sculptural figure.

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