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Inside A Neutral Modern Office By Sergio Caparelli 

Sergio Caparelli 

Housed in a luxury hotel suite, top floor view style, this is a neutralcontemporary and versatile ambiance, which can either serve as an officeliving, and sitting room or just a simple break room, where the comfort and elegance of the space will certainly convey the peace and tranquility that everyone is looking for today. Designed by the brilliant Sergio Caparelli, this is a true example of modern and classic inspiration, involved in a cosmopolitan and urban environment, where opulence and sophistication are also present.

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Neutral Palette And Luxury Meet In This NYC Modern Apartment

Covet House x K.A Interior Design: Step Inside This Modern Classic


Inside A Neutral Modern Office By Sergio Caparelli 

realistic and functional ambiance, which we would all want to be part of, is another Covet House exclusive achievement, designed by Sergio Caparelli.

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The circular shapes and round design of this elementary center table are inspired by the mountains surrounding the Guatemalan coffee plantation in Antigua City. The height of the mountains reaching the skies and emerging from the plains where some of the world’s best coffee beans are grown inspired the setting of the modular pieces for this item. With a walnut circular body and a Carrara marble top, the Antigua Center Table besides presenting a versatile decoration assemble has also a fine inox dark bronze strip that provides it with a modern appeal.

Saboteur Swivel Single Sofa is a lighter take on its family’s darker design. Crafted with the highest quality materials such as leather and velvet, this luxurious swivel single sofa provides the utmost comfort and accessibility with its rotating feature and will perfectly adapt to different ambiances and styles, becoming a focal feature in any space.

Gold is the perfect ally for home decoration. This royal color is a nuance that is easily combined with any other color, further illuminating spaces and creating light points in rooms. The Cell Rug with a neutral color and gold details is the perfect tool to insert a touch of luxury into your living spaces.

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Inside A Neutral Modern Office By Sergio Caparelli 

Inside A Neutral Modern Office By Sergio Caparelli 


The Colombia Armchairinspired by its coffee taste, breathes comfort and elegance into any living room design. Made from boucle fabric and dark bronze matte, this armchair will bring that serene atmosphere we often associate with minimal interiors. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy the simplest things in life with the Colombia armchair!

Amy Table Lamp is a Mid-Century Modern table lamp, with a lighting design inspired by one of the greatest British singers and songwriters of all time – Amy Winehouse.

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Cypres is a tree of many symbolisms and ornamental capabilities. Featuring a structure in glossy gold plated brass, shaders in gold plated brass and a base in white marble, the Cypres Floor Lamp promises to make an impact in any home decor. Have a look and see!

Inside A Neutral Modern Office By Sergio Caparelli 


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