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The Impressive Portfolio Of Brockschmidt And Coleman

The Impressive Portfolio Of Brockschmidt And Coleman – A focus on classical detailing, proportion, materials, and craftsmanship in both architectural features and furniture is something that Courtney Coleman and Ill Brockschmidt bring to their work. The two emphasize appropriateness and clarity in their work and bring a contemporary sensibility to historical references, whether they are designing a chic library in a Park Avenue duplex, specifying intricate upholstery details for an important early wing chair in a Pennsylvania horse farm, or detailing en-suite slipcovers for a French Quarter carriage house.

Brockschmidt & Coleman

In February 2001, Bill and Courtney established Brockschmidt & Coleman, LLC in New York City. In a historic double shotgun home on Magazine Street in New Orleans, they opened their southern design studio in 2019. Projects are coordinated in places from Maine to Florida on the east coast and throughout the south, as well as in California, Bermuda, Sicily, and Croatia, by a talented and capable workforce in both cities.

The Impressive Portfolio Of Brockschmidt And Coleman

Park Avenue Apartment

Rich, vibrant hues and evocative spaces reinterpret the old-world Park Avenue splendour of this apartment. The rooms were created for today’s lifestyle with comfortable furniture placed in warm, pleasant areas, despite the fact that there aren’t many modern components in them.

Wax Wall Lamp

Mississippi Delta Retreat

For an author who is known for hosting elegant parties, this tiny house serves as both a private hideaway and a lavish party pavilion. A kitchen-mudroom wing and a dressing room-bathroom wing flank the main volume, which consists of a lofty sitting room, library, and dining room on axis with the one bedroom. For flexibility and hospitality, books, cherished artworks, a whimsical combination of fine furniture, and old-world fabrics are casually arranged.

French Quarter Pied-À-Terre

A decoration of a 19th-century dependency inside a luxuriant courtyard enclave in the French Quarter. The Texan owners desired a Pied-À-Terre that would blend comfortable simple living with a vibrant rich creole aesthetic. The open living and kitchen space is covered in document wallpaper with a fantasy ashlar design, which appeals to the husband’s hobbyist geology.

Park Avenue Duplex Apartment

Nashville House

The design of this home was intended to be a welcoming, comfortable space for the whole family that is also stylish and attractive. An assertive colour scheme and the customized appointments represent a more metropolitan mentality while a mixture of English, American, and French antiques—many of which were sourced from New Orleans—are incorporated in a classically southern way.

Liberty Round Chandelier



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