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The Most Luxury Rugs | Home’Society Virtual Showroom

The Most Luxury Rugs | Home’Society Virtual Showroom

Home’Society’s virtual Showroom that features the most luxury rugs! This Virtual Showroom was inspired by the most well-known areas of London, reflecting the city’s vibrant dynamic. The ultimate goal is to immerse every visitor in a modern and luxury design by giving them a virtual experience they have never had before from the comfort of their house or office. Let’s dive in!

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Luxury Rugs Style The New Home’Society’s Virtual Showroom

Home’Society’s showroom is an interactive virtual tour that provides clients the possibility to interact with the most recent BRABBUMaison Valentina, and Rug’Society items as they visit the house. When interactors swipe to the right, they will find a recreation of a house, complete with a bedroom, a dining and living room, a closet, a bedroom, and a bar zone. In this article we will mainly focus on the parts of the house that have rugs, to showcase their artistry and how they can complement your future design project. Come along to discover more!


There is a specific area of the house where color comes to life! The Rug’Society’s gallery is a sight to behold with impressive and unique luxury rugs that will amaze you. In this section, rugs are displayed as if paintings, works of art that convey a story and deserve all of our attention. From the elegant and bright VALENCIA RUG on the right, to the geometric ISAAC RUG, passing by the black and white PALM RUG on the floor, these rugs all have unique traits that will give any home some character.

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Each rug represents a particular personality: the IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG, on the bottom left, provides elegance and finesse. This magnificent rug is inspired by the strength of snakes and features cream hues in botanical silk. The GRAFFINESQUE RUG, on the left has a more rebellious vibe, inspired by street art. At the end of the hall, we have the SAVANA RUG, a gorgeous biophilic design that reminds us of nature.

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Rug’Society has rugs with one-of-a-kind, distinctive, and luxurious designs that the customer can take their time exploring the history of each and every rug. On the right, we have some amazing runner rugs, the INKBLIND I and II which are ideal for a modern contemporary hallway.

The Best Luxury Rugs In This Virtual Showroom

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As you walk around the house, you discover new pieces around the house. Here we have the black and white YARSA RUG. Its circular pattern full of bubbles is a nice design that brings some character to this room. One can only be impressed by the sight of these luxury rugs.


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The REDLEH is one of the most luxury rugs out there with its golden and silver hues mixed in a sparkling dragon design. The dragon was one of four holy creatures called by the creator God to be a part of the creation of the universe, according to Chinese mythology. This rug pays homage to that.

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This living room appears to be the perfect spot to take a deep breath and contemplate how incredible this interior is. The SNAKE 8 Rug by Rug’Society is a striking piece that catches our eye as soon as we enter. One of the most gorgeous luxury rugs with its vibrant red contrasts with the neutral beige colors of the sofas and center tables. To finish the look, Home’Society provides the two traditional ZULU Armchairs and a refined NAICCA Chandelier. The variety of colors, materials, and textures make this room opulent.

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As you understood, luxury rugs are all over the house, as you glance around, you come across some amazing designed rugs such as the LA LAND RUG. A gorgeous and colorful abstract rug that will for sure highlight your room.


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The round METAMORPHOSIS RUG is one of the most dashing neutral luxury rugs from Rug’Society. The carpet’s neutral colors complements the furnishing of this dining room perfectly. This modern contemporary dining room has the perfect combination of elements that create a useful yet modern and desired room design.

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The vibrant green MÖOS RUG brings life to this living room. The rug is the center of attention of this room. In addition to the rug, we have the ESSEX Sofa and Armchairs with a soft velvet touch. It is the ideal choice for a living room design that aspires to defy conventional standards



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