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Step Inside This Illuminating Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom

Walk inside and undertake a journey throughout a 360 virtual ultimate experience, explore a curated 3500 sqm, three-level showroom, where every piece, set and composition is created with meticulous attention to detail from all the lighting pieces scattered all over the three floors, using some of the most iconic and unique pieces. From small sconces to floor lamps, suspension, or jaw-dropping chandeliers, you’ll have your inspiration brightened up by the curated selection of lighting pieces from Covet Lighting. This virtual showroom awaits your visit!



Step Inside This Illuminating Virtual Showroom

Welcome inside. The main entrance serves as a cover letter for this showstopping showroom. A glorious foyer where you can walk through an incredible visual experience. Carefully put together and serving as the main artery for the open lounge areas where two living room lounges and dining room sets are waiting for you to explore. The modern classic vibe is the aesthetic chosen for this staging, where a mixture of luxurious elements like the golden finishes with the organic shapes of the furniture provides a sneak peek of what to expect in this three-level deluxe showroom.


Although the inspiration for Babel Chandelier is still a myth, the elegance present in every crystal is real. We brought the fantasy of detail to reality through these magnificent and lush crystals.

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A not-so-discreet sitting room, with two iconic pieces from the Patagonia Capsule from Covet Collection. A subtle arrangement of brilliant pieces that will promptly invite you in, stay for a precious moment and contemplate a glamorous mansion and a floor replete with exquisite designs. Mirrors properly reflect an already extensive area, but also reveal the modern classic luxurious details present in all of the finishes, suitable materials, remarkable composure, and complex arrangements.


Pharos was an island where the most famous and grand lighthouse stood in ancient Alexandria. Nowadays, lighthouses take on simpler forms, just like Pharo Wall Lamp. Made of gold plated brass and crystal glass, Pharo Wall Lamp is a beacon of light to rupture the darkness.


While you cruise through these impressive sets on the ground floor of the 3 level mansion, you’ll find next to the lounge dining room an earthly-inspired lounge living room, properly complete with pieces from the Pagatonia Capsule from Covet Collection. In a remarkably clear modern classic ambiance, cohesive with the grand entrance, this space serves as much inspiration as the other rooms in the great hall. Golds are the main connector, and the vast fluidity of the key pieces and classical elements in a modern setting becomes its differentiated qualities. Enjoy a rare combination of pieces, carefully curated to a fundamental level of uniqueness that cannot be matched.


Babel Snooker Suspension Lamp is designed to brighten a contemporary space with the most elegant presence. The myth takes the form of a luxury lighting suspension in the irregular and exceptional shape of each handmade crystal glass. The extraordinary rectangular levels in gold plated brass held a unique pattern of lighting refraction and create fantastical shades on surrounding surfaces.

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Don’t be shy and stay comfortably for one more breathless minute, be entertained and astonished by all the prime attractions. In a sober aesthetic, mixing supplemental neutrality for another living room set, this drawing room incorporates an identical number of luxurious pieces. It stands out for the considerable comfort and soothing aura it emanates. A riveting and inviting design, with a more modern contemporary feel.


Galliano Snooker Suspension Lamp has a shape inspired by a pipe of organ, and it will be the perfect acquisition for your cocktail evenings! It has a geometric design of combined pipe tubes, and when you think you saw it all, turn the lights on! Handmade in steel, the features include a nickel-plated finish applied by some of the best artisans in Portugal.


A clear modern classic aesthetic following up the main entrance, this remote dining room, serves as both a dining setting and a small lobby as well. A mix of champagne and golden finishes provide a deluxe aura that is felt exuding from every piece, but it still has a very sober and subtle touch. Pullcast’s wall panels showcase the immense possibilities of using luxury hardware, and a truly jewelry piece for a powerful yet subtle luxury finish for your designs.


As the Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Nature, and the embodiment of Honour and Maternity, Hera represents the blossom of a golden new era full of life and inspiring beauty. Defined by strong and emotional paths filled with intricate details, this mythological entity is the magical inspiration behind this lighting piece. The Hera Round II Suspension Lamp is molded to resemble the features and look of a round golden branch, with two different tiers with pendant lights hanging from around the structure. Handmade from cast brass, this chandelier has an organic shape and intricate contemporary details to create an adjustable arrangement in a harmonious ensemble.

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Another dining room set, this time with a larger dining table, to purportedly show off the unlimited choices of unique arrangements as well as finishes of our handpicked items. Your gaze will be instantly pulled to Boca do Lobo’s Lapiaz Mirror, an opponent item that stands out from the much more sober and delicate tones of the Caffe Latte’s Boma Sideboard. The dining hall nicely introduces the mix of styles that you’ll find on the other floors of the house, offering a taste of what to expect. A modern classic aesthetic or a contemporary vibe? You decide.



Just like the God of the sky and the rising sun, Horus II Suspension Lamp promises to be a reference in modern interior design. Featuring a structure in matte black lacquered brass and shades in crackle glass, this chandelier is perfect for creating a grand reveal over a fierce living room sofa.


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