black bathrub in a green and black bathroom
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Glamorous Bathtubs for Your Own Bathroom

Glamorous Bathtubs


Our bathroom should be functional, but it may also be extremely luxurious to make you feel like you’re in a five-star hotel. Best Interior Designers have separated these unique bathtub ideas that will make any space feel like royalty. Whether you wish to refurbish your current bathroom or use them as inspiration for your future spa, these bathtub ideas will definitely amaze you!


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If you want to wow your guests, a sleek, dark bathroom is always a fantastic choice. This is the ideal combination for a stunning design: a one-of-a-kind bathtub and an attractive lighting fixture.


modern and dark bathroom with bronze details


A bathroom that radiates grandeur and elegance. Many design enthusiasts feel that the bathroom is one place in the house that would go unnoticed, but here is the perfect example to prove them wrong. We can’t even choose a favorite feature! This white glossy diamond bath++++tub is definitely a highlight.


high gloss black varnish, WHITE BATHTUB




The ancient city of Petra, where structures are directly carved in stone cliffs, inspired this bathtub, which blends Ibiza marble and wood. A piece of art in your bathroom!


High gloss black lacquered wood; Top: Hand-worked white Ibiza Marble


The white Lapiaz bathtub contrasts nicely with the floor throughout this contemporary bathroom. Stunning!






With a cluster of gold-plated brass asymmetrical bars surrounding a white leather structure, this bathtub is stunning! Your decor will have an extra mix of creativity and individuality.


white and chic bathroom


After a long day at work, a tranquil and natural-looking bathroom is often a welcome retreat. The Maison Valentina bathtub Darian will take your guests’ breath away!


black bathrub in a green and black bathroom

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