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Fall In Love With These Living Room Designs

Living Room Designs

A place of gathering, entertaining, socialization, or just pure relaxation. A living room space can serve many purposes and is often the focal point of a home’s design, because of that, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to conceive the perfect atmosphere. Well, not anymore. Today we bring you luxurious and distinguished living room designs that will leave you feeling inspired!

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Living Room Design By Boca Do LoboA close-up on the amazing living room that Boca do Lobo designed for a private client and his penthouse in Paris. The Supernova chandelier illuminates the area, while the Navarra Center Table steals the show. Who said that we can only go for a single material? Be bold and mix different materials and noble materials like marble in your living room décor. The final result will be an open museum ready to gain life!

Grey Living Room By AB ConceptFounded in Hong Kong, in 1999 AB Concept Design has built a global portfolio of commercial and residential interiors, for over 20 years bringing their clients’ values to life in physical space with soul. Their aim is to create compelling interior environments that make people feel present in the moment.

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Living Room Corner By Boca Do LoboSuitable for living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms, the Imperfectio Armchair embodies the true spirit of luxury design through an artsy attitude, irresistible details, and modern classic features. Looking to create a sophisticated gold reading corner? Look no further!

Modern Living Room Design By LuxxuAn extremely luxurious living room where the white marble floor contrasts amazingly with the darker tone walls. The furniture chosen for this room is a perfect mix of both shades, forming a perfect balance, in a sober but extremely luxurious room. The gold details on the coffee table legs and on the lighting stand out on the neutral environment, giving it the luxurious touch it was missing.

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Black And White Living Room By LuxxuLuxxu is the real definition of an interior design that looks both cosmopolitan and sophisticated. A consistent search for stylish functionality is their impulse. From modern to classical environments, Luxxu reinvents trends and the concept of lighting and furniture by creating masterpieces.

Marvelous Living Room By Gilles & BoissierGilles & Boissier was founded in 2004 by Patrick and Dorothée Gilles. If wood species and pure lines are Patrick Gilles’ language, Dorothée plays with colours, spatial fluidity and an innate elegance to brighten spaces up. A timeless and abundant approach, cultural and rigorous, that has earned them international recognition.

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Living Room Corner With Blue ArmchairsIf you don’t know which chairs to choose for your living room, the Saboteur Armchairs will be the right choice. With their round shapes, and shades of gray, are the comfortable and elegant chairs you can choose to put in your living room to make it elegant and sophisticated.

Pink And Brown Living RoomEverything looks better in pink tones, right? A colorful living room with pink and brown details. The Lucy Rug is the perfect rug to create harmony and transform your home décor into a colorful landscape.

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Living Room Design By Fiona BarratFiona Barrat full renovation of a 7,000 sq ft home in London’s Chelsea needed to consider substantial changes to suit modern family life while retaining the elegant Georgian heritage woven throughout the fabric of the property. Fiona’s design philosophy: layered textures and strong, clean statement pieces of contemporary furniture mixed with antique and artisanal pieces.

Gold Drawer Handle Details By PullcastHardware is an important part of Design, and the Hendrix, by Pullcast, is the ideal piece to transmit luxury and appeal to your living room! These door handles for your living room furniture stand out in dark wood, making this furniture more stylish and sophisticated. Perfect for a Mid-century look!

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