Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova: Brown Leather Sofa
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Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova From MMZ Project

Maria Zhukova

Best Interior Designers had the opportunity to interview Maria Zhukova, founder of the MMZ Project Architectural Bureau. The brand focuses not only on planning but also on the concept of the interior design service, having a lot of worldwide projects.

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Excluisve Interview With Maria Zhukova: Maria Zhukova


Maria Zhukova first got involved with interior design when she finished the last class of a school in Japan. She was always very fond of hospitality, hotels, and retail and also crazy about architecture, so it was only a matter of time until she found her passion. After graduating at the Moscow Architectural Institute, she found it was the perfect opportunity to combine all these hobbies.

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Dealing with the public interior of various profiles in a range of cities and countries, MMZ Project and Maria Zhukova’s projects always need to have some art or some point of attraction. Maria Zhukova’s design philosophy is the “creation of extraordinary comfortable interiors”

Exclusive interview with Maria Zhukova

“I do not have a division of work time or out of work. It’s part of me and my everyday life.
The favorite moment is to get to a new construction site, for example, a concrete some old tired project, and already start at the first meeting to visualize and fill with ideas of what the project can become.”

Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova: Brown Leather Sofa

Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova: double mirror dining room


Every artist needs inspiration to work, and interior designers are artists too! That being said, for the designer, inspiration and creativity come mostly from traveling as from exhibitions of any kind.

Architecture Biennal Venezia, Maison et Object Paris, I Saloni Milan, and High Point USA are the major international events that Maria Zhukova attends and follows to get the novelties.

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Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova: Black Kitchen Details

Also, when asked what project from around the world she wishes she designed herself, Maria Zuhkova said she would choose the Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum as an architectural project and the Proper hotel of Los Angeles as an interior design project!

Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova: Eclectic Dining Room

Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova


For Maria Zhukova, the relationship with her clients is crucial for creating the perfect design. She finds that one of the most important components to perfect chemistry between her and her clients is to discuss the projects and details, before even starting. Before they start their partnership, the designer likes to meet the client and talk about anything, becoming immediately clear whether it will be possible to work together or not.

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Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova: Brown Leather Dining Space

The designer thinks being able to work as a team is absolutely mandatory when it comes to interior design. You will always be working with a big team or need to form relationships with other departments such as different specialists, decorators, architects, designers, and even engineers. Maria Zhukova added that a person alone could hardly implement a large project so that’s why teamwork and forming partnerships are so important.

Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova: Dining Space in Earth Tones


About the future, Maria Zhukova and MMZ Project are mainly focused on preparing the grand opening of a Peruvian restaurant in Moscow with a foreign chef. This is a new project designed in a personalized format, especially for Moscow. They’re also working on other three extraordinary concepts and, and one clue the designer can reveal is that the project is being developed with a team from Japan.

Exclusive Interview With Maria Zhukova

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