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Elite Living | Four Seasons Private Residences Dubai At Jumeirah

For over thirty-five years, Four Seasons has been the property manager and service provider for the world’s most appreciated homes. Extraordinary design. Unrivaled locations. And, above all, impeccable service. Intuitive, yet personal. Perfectly choreographed. Expertly executed. This is why Four Seasons has the most desirable portfolio of properties around the world, with Four Seasons Private Residences Dubai at Jumeirah being no exception.




Bringing the spirit of the Arabian Sea to the heart of the world’s most coveted city, arrive home every day to a life of luxury, at the most address on the Dubai Water Canal. The private residential resort experience begins at the attended arrival where the Four Seasons concierge welcomes owners and guests. A private chauffeured house car will be made available to drive residents to the neighboring Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.




The most celebrated French decorator with a global portfolio, Sybille de Margerie has overseen the most distinctive and elegant private home and hospitality spaces. She formed her taste for exquisite places in the universe of the Taittinger family-run hospitality group and trained at the Ecole des Arts Supérieurs Boule. Her seminal works include the design and appointment of the signature suites and guest experiences at Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach.






“It’s where East meets West, the Arabic seafaring tradition reinterpreted with a chic, timeless European sensibility.” – Sybille de Margerie





On the upper levels, Sybille de Margerie’s artistry of craftsmanship is on display in the light-filled bedrooms with bespoke embroidered headboards and gracious dressing rooms. Expansive balconies offer private sanctuaries overlooking the Water Canal and downtown skyline. Also, master baths, clad in the finest finishes, are personalized sanctuaries.





The grand-scaled living and dining rooms open onto the lushly landscaped pool and garden oasis making these among the most desirable private entertaining spaces in Dubai.



The jewel-like resident’s spa is made even more special being reserved for the exclusive use of the twenty-eight owners. Residents can luxuriate in a variety of holistic and beauty treatments. Also, the Fitness Centre overlooks the Dubai Water Canal and is outfitted with state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment. Private personal trainers can be scheduled upon request.






Q: The Four Seasons Private Residences Dubai at Jumeirah is a stunning project that showcases your mastery of contemporary codes in the hotel industry. Can you share some insights into the design philosophy and inspiration behind this particular project?

AThe project was based on a concept that showcases 3 different design dimensions – the sea’s reflection and transparency, the pearls’ brightness and refinement and platinum’s modernity and luxury. At the time the project was initiated, we were convinced that Dubai was ready for another level of luxury, very refined, bespoke with great attention to detail. The success of Four Seasons residences confirmed this vision.

Q: With a rich portfolio that includes luxury hotels, boutique hotels, restaurants, and exclusive residences, how do you approach each project to ensure a unique and tailor-made luxury experience?

A: Our philosophy is always to design a project in direct relation to the location where it stands, taking into consideration local, culture, colors, and DNA.



Q: Collaboration seems to be a key element in your studio’s success, particularly with major groups and brands such as Mandarin Oriental, LVMH, Four Seasons, and others. How do you navigate the collaboration process to seamlessly integrate your design vision with the expectations of these prestigious clients?

A: Luxury and excellence are the key words that bring together all operators and stakeholders, at this level. Each one has tailormade his vision. Our role is to create a unique experience based on our expertise and artistic sensibility while respecting their vision.

Q: The Four Seasons Private Residences Dubai at Jumeirah is part of a global trend of creating exclusive living spaces within luxury hotel settings. How did you balance the need for residential comfort with the high standards associated with the Four Seasons brand?

A: Clients of private residences are the same as hotel guests. They expect the best design with the best services. There is no luxury without comfort; this leads us across all design stages. It starts with the layout of each unit considering the generosity, fluidity and functionality of spaces. Every element is well thought out to provide guests with a level of luxury he has even not expected in the smallest detail.

Q: Your studio, SYBILLE DE MARGERIE, has been evolving since its creation in 1989. Can you elaborate on how your design approach has evolved over the years, especially considering the ever-changing landscape of the luxury hospitality and residence industry?

A: Curiosity leads our studio philosophy. First travel and visit the world to have an international understanding of luxury and client’s expectations. Innovation and creativity. Always looking to find new techniques, new artists, new tools and new technology.



Q: The international team at your studio spans offices in Paris, Florence, and Dubai. How does this diverse and talented team contribute to the success of your projects, and how do you ensure a cohesive design language across different cultural contexts?

A: French and Italian designers are known to be excellent in Interior design and fashion. Luxury is part of their DNA as they have integrated cultural references in their language and based on that can bring innovative and creative visions. We’ve also a multicultural talent coming from other countries like Ukraine and India, that bring their culture and add innovative solutions and ideas. All are led by our common values, our internal process and our quest for excellence and innovation.

Q: Colors, culture, and creation are described as your watchwords for timeless and tailor-made luxury. How do these elements manifest in the design of the Four Seasons Private Residences Dubai at Jumeirah, and how do you ensure that the design remains relevant and enduring?

A: Timeless luxury is our language. Rich textures like wood, bronze, patina and marble are installed in the most refined and exquisite way. Among these are the following: bespoke embroidery creations from our studio, executed by Karin Drasik, spread on the bedroom’s walls. Made-to-measure kitchen in collaboration with Matteo Gennari Italy. Walk-in dressings cabinet from Minotti. Sourcing for artists from all over the world like Helen Amy Murray and Ilan Garibi (metal origami in the lobby). Selection of high-end furniture and fabric selection by B&B, Minotti, Christophe Delcourt, Giorgetti, Gabriel Scott, Dedar, and Kettal, carefully sourced and installed by The Collectional. Collaboration with Josephine Fossey for the art selection.

Q: The Royal Atlantis Residences in Dubai is mentioned as one of the most recent projects. Can you provide a sneak peek into the design concepts and inspirations behind this much-anticipated development?

A: The story of the Royal Atlantis begins with the lights of Dubai, from sunrise to sunset, which have been the source of our initial inspirations. They shine on the face of the city in an array of different colors according to the time of day and wander upon the city in an enchanting dance that we wanted to capture and translate into our project.



Q: From the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa to Coeur de Megève, your projects exude impetuous elegance. How do you maintain a balance between opulence and functionality in your designs, especially in hospitality and residential spaces?

A: No opulence, nothing unnecessary. Provide an experience for a place to remember. Find the right balance to provide the expected (luxury and comfort) and the unexpected (elements of surprise like an innovative layout, or creative statements – bird’s cage in the lobby of Le Barthélemy, lighting installation in Royal Champagne Lobby, Chinese shadow film projected in the Mandarin Oriental Paris Spa) and always provide what I call the intangible dimension: the emotion that brings unforgettable memories and make the client want to come back.

Q: Looking ahead, with projects including the interiors of a cruise ship on the horizon, how do you approach the unique challenges and opportunities presented by designing for the cruise industry compared to traditional hotel or residential projects?

A: We like new challenges and are happy to bring our vision of French luxury to Queen Anne and a brand like Cunard. The cruise ship industry has a different building approach and different constraints related to regulation.


Photography © Alex Jeffries



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