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Discover the Design Excellence of Tino Zervudachi

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Tino Zervudachi is part of the prestigious Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi, a full-service interior design firm that stands out for amazing projects in residential and commercial sectors throughout the world. Established since 1964, this firm has completed the most outstanding projects, through varied styles, but always standing out for its settings.



Since 1964, Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi has joined forces to complete the most amazing projects throughout the world. From residential to commercial projects, we have been privileged to see this design firm in action through these years of experience. First created by David Mlinaric, it first started in London, and since then expanded to the rest of the world.


Tino Zervudachi


Today, they work globally towards a large spectrum of projects within private houses, yachts, galleries and commercial developments including retail, residential and hotels. Within the context of public projects, they have developed London’s National and National Portrait Galleries, Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Opera House, British embassies in Washington and Paris, between many others.


Tino Zervudachi


Hospitality projects wise, they carry plenty of projects in many different places, such as the Hotels Aurelio (Lech), Regent (Porto Montenegro) and Admiralty Arch Model Rooms (London). Nothing seems to stop this amazing design firm, and every interior design lover is paying attention to all the projects they embrace.


Tino Zervudachi


Although they’re recognized for establishing amazing public projects such as the hotels and public places, their main work focuses on the private residential sector, exploring at the moment projects in London, Paris, Gstaad, Athens, Rome, Rotterdam, New York, Washington DC, Connecticut, and New Dehli.


Tino Zervudachi


To this day, this design company shares three headquarters, Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi Ltd (London), Tino Zervudachi & Associés (Paris) and Tino Zervudachi LLC (New York). These three companies work both in an independent and collaborative manner. Tino Zervudachi has been recognized as Architectural Digest’s 100 List of 2020!




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