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A Desire To Create Amazing Designs With Martine Lie Interior Concepts

A Desire To Create Amazing Designs With Martine Lie Interior Concepts

Best Interior Designers From Denmark

Martine Lie Interior Concepts was founded in 2017 and today has six experienced and passionate interior designers, stylists, designers, and project managers. They are located in Ordrup near Copenhagen, Denmark, but they work at both a national and international level. They are specialists in decorating homes – both individual rooms and entire homes – and are driven by the desire to create oases; beautiful surroundings that can do more than just look good.

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Martine Lie Interior Concepts 

Martine Lie Interior Concepts collaborates with selected architects, contractors, and leading international interior and textile houses. They are one of the largest dealers of Eilersen sofas in Denmark.

Martine Lie Interior Concepts 

Martine Lie Interior Concepts believe a space must inspire, invite contemplation and reflection and contribute to the mental battery being recharged. That is why they always start with the client and what matters to the client. They meet the history of the client’s home with respect. Everything they do must balance and match the spirit and period of the home, the daily life of the house, the functional needs, and, of course, the client’s individual wishes.

The Editor’s Choice

Capuchin Modular Sofa By Caffe Latte Home

luxury modern sofa

Gathering inspiration from the neutral tones used in the Capuchin monks’ robes, from which the Viennese baptized the famous drink, the Capuchin Modular Sofa is upholstered in a cappuccino high-quality velvet and leather. A luxury modular sofa that represents the perfect brew between modern design with functionality. With an exquisite built-in walnut side table, ideal for your hot coffee to cool down. A design is totally customizable to be your perfect cup of tea.

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Martine Lie Interior Concepts 

At Martine Lie Interior Concepts the client is received by specialists. They are designers, interior designers, and stylists with international experience and with their own design studio. Over the years, they have developed an expressive and recognized style based on materials of the highest quality, deep love for detail, and a special feeling for connections and synergies – in the individual room as well as in the whole home.

Martine Lie Interior Concepts 


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