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Louis Vuitton


During Fuorisalone, there was an incredible Louis Vuitton’s exhibition called Objets Nomades. This event demonstrated amazing pieces from various and prestigious artists such as Tokujin Yoshioka, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders and India Mahdavi. These pieces were exposed at the neoclassical Palazzo Serbelloni, where they featured the entire collection and past editions in new colors and materials

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LVMH Group‘s Dior established an amazing collaboration with Dimore Studio at this year’s edition of Milan Design Week. This was an exclusive collection between these two companies, where they created objects that resembled the surrealism and cubism art. Their focus sat on the concept of different metals such as gold, silver, and bronze.

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RIMOWA established a partnership with the contemporary art magazine and design studio KALEIDOSCOPE for an out-of-the-box event. This exhibition combined a short film, an installation and a print publication. Guillermo Santomá was the artist behind the installation, where he created a light and sound sculpture, and an aluminum car, for RIMOWA luggage.




Loewe, one of LVMH Group, placed an original exhibition at this edition of Salone del Mobile. With the name, Love Baskets, this exhibition was divided into the inspiration and collection categories and focused on the basket making. This luxury company invited eleven international artists and craftsman to create amazing pieces. That premise resulted in a set of bags, accessories and décor objects.




At Indro Montanelli public gardens, Bvlgari brought two installations that were defined in their relationship between design, science and art. The first installation was from the Argentine artist Tomás Saraceno, while the second one was located around the gardens. The second installation explored B.Zero1, the iconic Bvlgari jewelry design that completes in 2019 its 20th anniversary.


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