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David Dalton or the L.A luxury designer

If you like luxury, elegance and unique pieces, then your project must be for David Dalton.

This interior designer settled in Los Angeles has worldwide clients that know they can get the most of each project with his amazing taste. Creative mind and unique taste, made this interior designer a reference in L.A. Maison et Object, one of the places where he goes to get the latest trends and that’s how he met Boca do Lobo. The love for this heritage brand made David chose some of their most unique and exclusive pieces for his projects.

Check out some of his top choices: the Bonsai dining table, the unique Diamond Emerald sideboard and the most recent release… the Oblong Cabinet… so, are you into his mood?

bonsai table cabinet diamond sideboard



Written by Sara Tavares, Best Interior Designers Guest Blogger