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Creating Prestigious Luxury Interiors With Wecselman Design

Creating Prestigious Luxury Interiors With Wecselman Design is here!  A client’s vision into a design that harmoniously interprets the intent of each space is no easy task; however, Deborah Wecselman thoughtfully and effortlessly achieves just that, without limiting her creativity. She believes that a well-designed space is the creation of a lifestyle that reflects people’s changing needs and way of life. For her, good design never happens without inspiration and imagination; great design celebrates reality as well. Understanding that design ideas live on, she considers the timelessness of every detail.

Her capability to create high-end unique interiors led her to Miami where she founded WECSELMAN DESIGN, a firm long recognized nationally and internationally for creating prestigious luxury interiors. Along with a seasoned team of professionals, architects and designers, WECSELMAN DESIGN specializes in producing spaces that are classically modern with hints of the past that compliment contemporary living.

Key Biscayne

The deep sea and an elective art collection make the perfect backdrop for this family’s retreat in Key Biscayne. Upon entering the residence, a subtle gold color palette welcomes guests while a Victorian accent chaise mirrors the painting depicting a similar lounge. A playful portrait of the Beatles is the focal point at the bar, while the custom wood and leather bar counter make room for enjoyment. A mixture of dark touches and warm hues travel throughout the residence leading to an oversized console with stylish marble vases.

Designing with comfort and functionality in mind, one of the young adults’ rooms includes stacked beds overlooking the ocean view. The daughter’s bedroom includes a plethora of vibrant colors heavily inspired by the polychromatic painting. While, the master bedroom integrates blue details and monochromatic furnishings to complement the serene and sunlit view, cultivating a soothing experience.

Porsche Design Tower

A contemporary residence with an urban feel was designed as the vacation home for a New York family to indulge in coastal living at Porsche Design Tower. A distinctive and richly layered interior that unfolds as you venture in, best describes this beachside marvel. As you tour the space, a combination of mixed metals, marbles and glass can be found and custom accents that depict a refined, yet, reserved aesthetic. The high-end finishes are a modest touch to the extensive art collection displayed within. In the living room, two vibrant art pieces and detailed oak wood paneling with bronze inserts create an impactful impression to those visiting the home.




Excelsa Modular Sofa by itself has a corporeal and strong presence, just like this colossal sofa. Comprised of 9 different modular components for your taste. Modern and ergonomic this gigantic sofa brings a centerpiece that can be used as a side table or coffee table as well. Excelling in design and comfort, this is a unique piece with endless possibilities.

Clean lines and a quiet color palette introduce the kitchen. The exceptionally curated dining room and custom wall unit, decked in light oak with cream lacquered dividers is filled with sculptures and modern accents. While the client’s PORSCHE surfboard adds the perfect touch to the private beach abode and connects the home with the architectural gem that is Porsche Design Tower.

The Surf Club Four Seasons

An elegant oceanfront residence at The Surf Club Four Seasons depicts a mindful design with the usage of a warm color palette. The three-bedroom, four-bath home was commissioned by a couple who set out to seek ultimate relaxation in their beachside sanctuary. Once the doors to the private elevator open, a chic entry foyer covered in placid blue wallpaper compliments the velvet ottomans and sets the mood for the space.

Tastefully exhibiting the client’s collection, the harmonious combination of contemporary art and subtle design evokes peaceful moments. Inspired by its proximity to the ocean, one master bedroom features light blue accents and textured walls which add a layer of curiosity to the unit. The outdoor terrace is the perfect design scheme for al fresco entertaining and impressive sunset views.

ONE Park Grove

Commissioned to bring a designer’s perspective, Wecselman designed an elevated and uniquely different model residence at ONE Park Grove. An everlasting style achieved through a graceful contemporary aesthetic of calming interiors framing views of Coconut Grove. The interiors are remarkable from the moment you enter to find a worldy design emanating a refined elegance and casual comfort.

The understated warm color palette connects each space to a central story of luxury you can live in. The residence’s distinguishing details, curated art collection by Emerson Dorsch Gallery, and one-of-a-kind furnishings offer a new level of appeal. The experience in the model residence is personal, luxurious and curated; a complete departure from standard real estate stagings.




Mecca I Center Table is inspired by mosques are majestic architectural works, places for pilgrimage and spiritual cult. Mecca I center table whose brass columns resemble the architectural heritage from the mosques, believing in this way that all piece sparkles from inside to outside. On the base stands a green marble top, keeping all the structure balanced and united.

ONE Park Grove II

The newly unveiled second model residence at ONE Park Grove is a masterful vision where curated vintage pieces and striking artwork meet Miami elegance. As you enter, you are immersed in the living area where custom wood paneling conceals doors and creates a rich contrast with Donald Martiny’s “Adra,” which is curated in collaboration with Sponder Gallery. Behind the hidden doors, lies bedrooms filled with layered textures, subtle silhouettes and thoughtful design details meant to create intimate memories.

The dynamic aesthetic found in one bedroom in particular, which was designed as a homage to the west coast, offers the ultimate relaxation while exuding a bold statement. Bespoke bathrooms and powder rooms showcase intricate details such as hand-painted wall features.

Golden Beach

A modern reinterpretation of a Mediterranean home with light, airy spaces leading to jaw-dropping views of the ocean and private beach. Architecturally, the character of the existing house was respected while creating larger spaces to distinctly alter its appearance. The design language was simple, organic, and elegant. Classic details and a modern approach created a sophisticated and refreshing new layout. Prominent works of art featured upon entering this seaside escape by Picasso, Allora & Calzadilla, Anish Kapoor, Robert Pruitt to Blair Thurman invigorate the overall calming color palette. Contemporary furnishings, bright red color accents, luxe finishes and textures with elements of classic and contemporary design tell a story about the transformation of this property into an exquisitely bold and refined personal paradise.


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