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Classy Bathrooms: Dark Tones Ideas For Your New 2021 Private Oasis

Classy designs are in, but when it comes to bathroom design, people often find dark bathrooms depressing and disheartening, but they are proving to be a huge trend this year, contributing to a timeless, sexy, and intimate bathroom design We at BID believe that bathrooms with darker tones can bring drama, confidence, and boldness to any interior design project, adding the irreverence and comfort people need to appreciate moments of inner care and full contemplation. Therefore we highlight Maison Valentina, a luxury brand that brand has gathered a collection of bathrooms in darker colors, showing that they are not only lovable but also alluring, perfect inspiration for one who seeks some diversity at home:



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#1 The Metropolitan Washbasin and its Dazzling Marble-like Splendour

Dark Tones Ideas For Your New 2021 Private Oasis 1

Metropolitan Washbasin blends the contemporary chic urban attitude with the more classy sober lines, being a perfect addition to a darker bathroom. When contrasted with some beautiful light fixtures and a wooden structure, it will create a dramatic yet harmonious appearance.

Products: Metropolitan Washbasin and Groove Wall Mounted Mixer Tap


Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast


#2 The Darian Bathtub and Dark Glamour

Dark Tones Ideas For Your New 2021 Private Oasis 1

Darian Bathtub, covered in black leather, is definitely a statement product in this bathroom, exemplifying that a bathtub can be a decorative and functional element at the same time. The mix between this product and the environment around gives a classy touch of luxury and elegance to a dark bathroom design.

Products: Darian BathtubDarian Towel RackLotus Vessel SinkOrigin Three Hole Mixer Tap and Stiletto Stool



#3 The Jewel that is The Diamond Bathtub

Dark Tones Ideas For Your New 2021 Private Oasis 1

Through its distinctive design, the classy Diamond Bathtub does not go unnoticed, making a splash in every bathroom design, especially a darker one.  This bathtub combines a breathtaking design with the beauty of Sahara Noir faux marble, offering people unique and sensorial moments, in the most graceful and spectacular spaces.

Products: Diamond Bathtub in Sahara Noir Faux Marble and Stiletto Stool



#4 The Newton Freestanding and Its Dazzling Design

Sometimes small details in black are enough to create a classy and dramatic design. Newton Freestanding defies the laws of physics, with an exceptional pattern and organic structure, making the bathroom the most glamorous and opulent space of the house.

Products: Newton FreestandingDiamond Towel RackNaicca Pendant LightRing Mirror and Gold Onyx Surface


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