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Classical Luxury Living Area | Muhammed Shalab

Classical Luxury Living Area | Muhammed Shalab

Classical luxury Living Area is really a unique look and whenever Covet House‘s brands unite like this, the result is always magical. Featuring some of Covet House‘s brands (Boca do LoboDelightfull and Luxxu), this is an amazing project from the designer Muhammed Shalaby.

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Classical Luxury Living Room

This project named Ancient Luxury translates his name very well onto the project itself, this incredible living presents us with an eclectic style, covered in grey tones and red, with gold and blue details that features a marble and stone look with a very detailed ambiance that real transmits a sense of luxury and sophistication. The Versailles Armchair and Sofa by Boca do Lobo are very detailed stone pieces that really stand out in this project.


Versailles Armchair

versailles armchair 01 zoom boca do lobo

Versailles Sofa

versailles sofa boca do lobo 01

Classical Luxury living Area

Classical Luxury living Area

The Lapiaz Center and Side Table also from Boca do Lobo complement the living room by adding a touch of gold and blue marble and, finally, the Armour Stool from Luxxu follows the same look as the center and side tables by making the gold and blue details to fit this “ancient” environment. Finally, we got the Matheny Chandelier that not also completes this environment but is also one of the centerpieces to achieve this great and unique look.


Lapiaz Center Table

lapiaz center table 01 1

Lapiaz Side Table

boca do lobo lapiaz side

Armour Stool

armour stool luxxu home

Matheny Chandelier


matheny 3 suspension lighting

Living room



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