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Casa Muñoz | A Luxurious Interior Studio From Madrid

Casa Muñoz | A Luxurious Interior Studio From Madrid

Casa Muñoz  is the subject of today’s article, located in Madrid, since 2014 it was founded by Mafalda Muñoz and Gonzalo Machado, two people who have a passion for modern interior design.

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This study is of architecture and interior decoration that specializes in comprehensive projects, of course to exceed the needs of each client. They are recognized for their luxurious and exclusive works, from the mixture of art, furniture and modern inspirations, all their environments are unique and powerful. His work focuses on both the construction requirements of the project and the final decoration details. Casa Muñoz is a studio that can inspire you with modern and elegant interior design.

Casa Muñoz

Casa Muñoz is a space dedicated to design and contemporary furniture, they have extensive experience with luxurious and powerful projects. All your luxurious projects must contain art, objectives and of course a main search for pieces of editions that are exclusive. Offering perfect custom projects for the client, always respecting the architectural pedigree of the space and selecting unique and author pieces is the main point for Casa Muñoz.

Luxury apartment in New York

Casa Muñoz New York

Casa Muñoz has created inspirations and ideas for any interior design lover. This project starts with a small space that has a bedroom and a living room to cover a powerful experience. With a more classic style, but perfect for living. All points are of interest from the fireplace to the window, of course you can see that the art and the pieces are an exclusive reference, Casa Muñoz has thought of all the essential elements. From a table to read or study to an armchair to relax.

Casa Muñoz Fireplace

Casa Muñoz has created a perfect room to inspire, again, all points are fundamental and essential to create a powerful experience. A “small” work of art in a perfect space to overcome any need. The room has a lot of luxurious pieces, from a sofa to enjoy a good conversation, a fireplace or two different armchairs to give more life to the space.

Casa Muñoz With Light Tones

Now a more modern space. Here you can have the perspective that everything is possible for Casa Muñoz, it can turn a dream into reality with luxurious details and elements that make a difference. All the selected furniture is perfect to convert the need of any interior. This space can be described in two words: Perfect and Luxurious. Each element tells a beautiful story and mixes to give an elengate space.

Casa Muñoz

A space that is an office created to have a quieter job and without the “noise” of the streets. Lit, Modern and Luxurious, to enjoy an atmosphere of tranquility. From the desk to the bookshelf, Casa Muñoz has made this space exclusive. All the elements mixing to give a perfect space to bring exclusivity in a space.




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