Best Interior Designers * UNION31
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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers * UNION31

United by design, UNION31 is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm based in Toronto, Canada that offers innovative, professional design services for discerning local and international markets.


The firm has a range of experience in hospitality and residential developments throughout North America, the UK and the Caribbean. In all the markets it serves, UNION31 is recognized for distinctive creative concepts and a sharp attention to detail that enhances lifestyle and adds value in the implementation of every project.


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BestInteriorDesigners- UNION31-5The founder and principal of Chapman Design Group, Alex Chapman has partnered with CDG’s design managers Kelly Cray and Neil Jonsohn, as well as, business manager Nancy Dyson to create a new company with a shared perspective. Informed by over 31 years of experience and proven accomplishments this culmination of talent, knowledge and astute business acumen is UNION31.

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BestInteriorDesigners- UNION31-7The designers believe that good design should be thought provoking and that successful design is a dialogue; where clear communication is as much about listening as it is about speaking. There is an authenticity and passion to what they do that manifests itself in the details, omitting the irrelevant and leaving only the essential. Pure and Simple.

BestInteriorDesigners- UNION31-8Their competitive edge lies in the collective experience, strong conceptual skills and an insightful ability to understand clients’ vision. Dedicated to betterment, driven by passion; they are capable and excited to explore emerging markets, both local and abroad.

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Good design is thorough; down to the last detail – nothing is arbitrary or left to chance. Throughout the process there is an integrity and professionalism in all that UNION31 does which is underlined by a stringent ethical code and proven work methods that save both time & money.

UNION31 is one of the Canada’s best interior design studios. To explore better their passion and achievements visit their website!