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5538f1b8b4eb88888888888Belinda Try | Designer

The evolving bathroom: from function to indulgence

Tuesday 05.12 — 01:00 – 01:45pm

Belinda Try is an Australian entrepreneur, designer and founder of the apaiser group of companies. Born in Adelaide, Australia – Belinda was formally trained as a classical ballerina and danced with several of the world’s leading ballet companies before raising a family and moving into the business world. She established apaiser in 2000 after the conclusion of her dancing career and is both founder and Executive Director of the global apaiser group.

Seizing upon her belief that bathrooms were a neglected area of hospitality and residential design, Belinda’s natural entrepreneurial spirit drove her to create an alternative to the sterile and functional bathroom products that dominated the market. She assessed that eco-sensitive and organic forms would change the perception of the bathing experience and transform it into a therapeutic, spa-like and luxurious ritual and this was the genesis of the apaiser story.

Demonstrating her belief in the value of artisanship and eco sensitive products, Belinda has created a unique range that capitalises on the environmental credential of the material along with handcrafted skills of her production team. Belinda’s original vision was for the creation of a bathware range focussing on the creation of luxurious ambience in the bathroom and thus she designed the apaiser material with optimum performance in mind. Now her vision is to open luxury flagship showrooms that will extend the footprint for apaiser – in London and New York in 2015 – to bring her brand to the Northern Hemisphere.