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Best interior designers speaking during M&O Americas!

Granville-McAnear  Best interior designers speaking during M&O Americas! Granville McAnearGranville McAnear | Designer

The Four Seasons Dubai at Jumeirah Beach: Creating Coherent Design Where Urban Luxury Meets Pristine Ocean

Wednesday 05.13 — 11:00 – 11:45am

Granville McAnear started with Craig Roberts Associates in 1995. As an architectural lighting designer for this global firm, he has been able to live out his dream of traveling the world while designing for it. He has had the incredible privilege of learning from Craig Roberts, a true master and one of the first architectural lighting designers in the world.

The simple philosophy of Craig Roberts Associates is to celebrate the design and architecture by carefully integrating lighting into sophisticated and elegant spaces. This approach takes Granville, Craig and the other talented Principal Designers, Stephanie King and Robert Mapes, literally around the world as they strive to provide their esteemed clients, like BAMO, with the most discrete and thoughtful lighting design in the industry. Their goal is for the interior designers and architects to achieve spaces that exceed their visions and expectations, with lighting playing an essential role behind the scenes.

Their long history of providing the highest quality lighting design to talented architects, interior designers and landscape architects has taken Granville and Craig Roberts Associates to incredible international destinations. From BAMO’s Four Seasons Resort in Dubai to high-end retail on London’s New Bond Street, from safari lodges at Victoria Falls to exclusive residential beach developments in Uruguay, from luxury condo buildings in Japan to eco beach resorts in Nicaragua, their firm has influenced and inspired the design world for the last 40 years.

Granville McAnear  Best interior designers speaking during M&O Americas! Granville McAnear

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