Best Interior Designers Project | 737 Park Avenue Condominiums by Jed Johnson Associates
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Best Interior Designer Project | 737 Park Avenue Condominiums by Jed Johnson Associates

Jed Johnson was an iconic American interior designer and film director. In 1968, he moved with his twin brother, Jay Johnson, from Sacramento in California to New York. Both became involved in the famous Andy Warhol Factory scene where Jed worked in movie production. Jay was soon hired as an assistant to fashion designer Giorgio di Sant Angelo.


When Jed Johnson started his interior decorating business (Jed Johnson Associates) in a fourth-floor bedroom of Andy Warhol’s Manhattan townhouse he could never have dreamed that he was creating a company that is today one of the premier design houses in America. With quiet determination, a perfectionist’s curiosity and the natural eye of an authentic connoisseur Johnson rose to the highest echelon of the international design world. As his company and reputation grew, many talented designers who shared his ideals of design integrity, superb quality, and restrained luxury joined the firm.




After Johnson’s tragic death in 1996, the company continued its original mission of quality design under the leadership of president Jay Johnson and design director Arthur Dunnam. “Though we are thoroughly grounded in history,” says Dunnam, “we relish the challenges of the twenty-first century and intend to remain at the leading edge of innovative interior design”.



One of Jed Johnson Associates’ projects is 737 Park Avenue Condominiums on the Upper East Side. This gracious 5-bedroom residence is an essence of New York and no ordinary East Side apartment. This project was created in collaboration with Macklowe Properties. The overall atmosphere in this 1,100 square feet apartment is luxury, and less traditional than one could expect in a pre-war building on the Upper East Side. A strong characteristic of this project is a great selection of furnishings as well as of modern and contemporary art to decorate the walls of the central living spaces.


Although, Jed Johnson died tragically almost 20 years ago, he still remains an inspiration for the best interior designers from all over the world. Ha had an unique style that was not traditionalist, nor modernist, and embraced everything but at the same time was not an eclectic. He interpreted every style in his own way and created unusual spaces that will inspire present and future interior designers. In his short lifetime, Jed Johnson achieved immortality through his work that is being continued successfully by Jed Johnson Associates’ team, that creates beautiful and luxurious interiors, like 737 Park Avenue Condominiums.

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