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Best Interior Designers, North America

Best Interior Designers | Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham spent over fifteen years as a Creative Executive at Ralph Lauren, before starting his own design firm in 2005.  Mark Cunningham Inc. has worked on a wide range of diverse projects on every scale, from residential interiors to hotel design as well as architectural consultation and retail concepts.


United Nations Plaza living room

Serving a variety of clients worldwide, Mark Cunningham is renowned for his singular interior compositions.

Incorporating found pieces of both high and low provenance, furniture (often of his design), and fine artwork, each of Mark’s projects is completely unique.  Each is an individual expression of his clients’ lives and lifestyles.


Midtown East, NY

 Yet, they all share Mark’s distinct imprint and his discerning eye, guided by his passion for design itself (whether found in an obscure upstate New York hardware store, at auction in London, or in the desert landscape of America’s southwest).


Midtown East, NY

Arranged with a photographic sense of composition, his spaces feature a robust yet carefully curated mix of furnishings and objects.



The Manhattan designer is especially adept at unconventional material pairings that can make an interior memorable, appointing a Manhattan apartment with velvet sofas, mirror-finished Willy Rizzo lamps, and sleek André Sornay tables. “Variety,” he notes, “is the key to keeping design fresh.”

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