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Best Interior Designers * Frei & Kepenek


Frei & Kepenek is a multidisciplinary design studio in Zurich. They specialize in conceptually strong, value-creating interior design and exhibition design, mainly in the interior and exhibition design for the private, cultural and corporate sectors. The office strives for unspent, inventive and innovative work, which includes the status quo.

Design has the power to change: your surroundings, your routines, your life. A good design opens up possibilities, making things easier, more exciting or simply more fun – according to Frei & Kepenek.

They take on each project as a specific challenge, providing unique and individualized solutions. Their team strives to carry out work that is fresh, resourceful, and innovative. Nevertheless, they are aware of their responsibility as contributors to the built environment.


Some of their most renowned projects can be found here:




Concept, design and realization
Client: HIAG Immobilien

“What we really wanted to do is leave the loft apartment completely empty. To have so much space is a luxury in these times. Instead, we created a minimalist backdrop for your everyday living.”

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