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Best Interior Designers From Hong Kong | AB Concept

Best Interior Designers From Hong Kong | AB Concept

Best Interior Designers From Hong Kong | AB Concept is here ! They are a design studio founded in Hong Kong, in 1999 by architect Terence Ngan and interior designer Ed Ng. Over twenty years they have built a global portfolio of commercial and residential interiors, bringing the values of their clients to life in physical space with soul. They work as creative partners with many of the world’s leading hospitality brands to create compelling interior environments that make people feel present in the moment.

They design furniture, lighting and textiles that are charming of character and easy to use. They believe in the power of good design to shape their human experience and leave a positive imprint on the mind. Design is a craft to enhance their quality of life; it allows them to be themselves, to be together, to be present, to be moved and inspired. Ultimately, design is about being.

Their pedigree gives them confidence and quiet authority after more than twenty years of professional experience. They combine warmth and rigor. In their projects, they go beyond offering solutions to create emotional experiences, making sure that logical responses are always blended with attention to feeling, in addition to function and form.

“Translating Intangible Emotions Into Tangible Realities”

They strike a balance between the design of the interiors and the architecture. They comprehend how to combine people and space to elicit a feeling from any spatial encounter. Their designs investigate the interaction of several opposing components, such as craft and industrial, scale and intimacy, and large-scale effects and minute details. They value interior design that celebrates time-honored techniques, cultural nuances, and regional customs.

Their projects have a shared approach more than a shared aesthetic. They bring their ideas to life in layout, materials, furnishing and detail, with acute attention to how spaces work optimally and feel special, simultaneously. They take touchpoints seriously; this is where people feel good design. Attention to every detail, seen and unseen, brings integrity to their practice and projects. It matters to them that we design memorable impressions, from first encounter to lasting memory.



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