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Best Interior Designers * Barmade

Barmade is one of the most successful restaurant designers in Switzerland, check here their several project phases:

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They offer clients an accompaniment in all work phases of the building’s project. At the beginning they define goals and needs together with the client, and also the scope of the project:

  • Project site analysis;
  • Mass and inventory record;
  • Clarify requirements & needs.

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During the design phase, they develop functional layout solutions and the design concept. In this work phase, the project gets its unmistakable character:

  • Ideas with the client exchange;
  • Vision forms;
  • Environment is taken into account;
  • Definition of Spatial Structures;
  • Working on conceptual solutions.

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Project Planning

After the development of the concept, the project’s deepening happens with the creation of planning documents. The draft will now be defined more clearly with technical and design factors:

  • Creating photorealistic perspectives;
  • Color and materials concept drawing;
  • Definition of the furnishing concept;
  • Lighting concept work.


Cost management is an important factor during the entire construction project for the realization of the project within budget. Transparent cost estimates and continuous cost control are very important to them:

  • Estimating costs;
  • Making a proposal;
  • Comparing offers;
  • Checking invoices.

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Detailed Design

For the realization of the project, they submit the planning application and create implementation and detailed plans for all contractors involved in the project:

  • Submit planning application
  • Create implementation plans
  • Checking of the plans by the entrepreneurs.

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Construction Management

For the construction phase, they offer to take over the complete site management. In a pure design construction supervision, they cooperate naturally with the architect or project supervisor:

  • Construction coordination lead;
  • On site work guide;
  • Design concept monitoring.


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